New Cycle Workout Intensity?

I finally bought a Sunny spin bike last February. Although I rode a bicycle for most of my life, I hadn't ridden for 10 years because my mountain bike needs a lot of work and it was low on the priority list of my budget. I decided to first buy a spin bike and before the awful heat and humidity of summer arrived ( and STS 2 arrived) I first spent some time just to acclimate to riding again then I started to tackle the Cathe spin workouts that I bought on dvd.

Yes, they are lengthy and can be intense but I just did shorter workouts with them and adjusted my intensity. I do find that I can't stand like Cathe does--partly because I've always been more of a sit and power up a hill than stand and climb cyclist but partly because my body type. My spin bike has lots of adjustment but being taller with really long legs and a super short torso, I fit very differently on the bike than shorter people do. If I stand the way Cathe does, I wouldn't reach the handlebars!

I'll be ordering the new spin workout along with the others. Cooler weather is coming so I'll be able to spin more again. Maybe by the time this new one comes around I'll be more than ready to tackle it. As always, I will be looking forward to Cathe's awesome workouts!
Thanks for the tips! I found some free YouTube spinning workouts for beginners & intermediates that may help me work up to Cathe's intensity. (I have a Sunny too! I use it for short interval workouts (no fancy jumps or anything -gets me real sweaty in a short timespan). Maybe if I initially limit the standing segments or sit thru them I'd do more of Cathe's spin workouts. Something to work on.
Another Sunny owner here!!! Although mine is on the cheap end of their line, I really,
really want a Schwinn IC 3, but it’s $699.00….:(. A couple years ago, around Christmas,
it was as low as mid $300.00 and I still kick myself for not getting it then, but something
happened and it didn’t work out. I am going to watch it around the holidays and see if
the same thing happens. I tried it at the local Dick’s Sporting and loved it, every time
I went in there, I hopped on it! :)
I bought mine with a "Covid check" ... I used to use my old road bike on a trainer ...but it's not easy to do much more than spin at various intensities, but interestingly that's pretty much all I do with the Sunny too, lol...

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