Need serious advice re:NPTI school???


I really think I am going to take the plunge and would like to get certified to be a personal trainer. However, I am thinking I need serious practical instruction along with book learnin':D since I am not a member of a gym and workout in my garage with Cathe, Tracie, Kelly, and Michelle :D

Anyway, this school looks really good, is close to where I live, but is pretty expensive.. However, I have heard great things about this school in terms of instruction, interacting with people, networking AND giving a bump in terms of marketability.

Thoughts?.. Input??

Thank you!
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Just food for thought...

Have you looked at the less expensive "hands on" options that NASM offers and compared them to the school? They offer a couple of internship options. Being the product of the internship, I can tell you that it's extremely helpful, real world experience (if the facility/person you intern with does it right) that I am so thankful I was able to take advantage of. It helped me tremendously!

Also having been initially certified through a program that also offered a classroom option, I can tell you that it was also extremely helpful. A lot of concepts in the book that were difficult for me to understand became much clearer once a professional explained it. The school offers this but I see that the less expensive internship options do not provide it although they DO provide a workshop....Hmmm....What's the actual cost going to be if you don't mind my asking?

One last thing I'd like to add is that I am currently studying for the NASM PT cert. I chose the at home study with workshop option. The online tools provided are amazing and extremely helpful. Just something else to consider. :)

PS - I smiled when I saw this! So excited for you!:D
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