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Hello Friends - I just purchased a Vitamix at Costco and am having serious buyers remorse. It's not a cheap item. I need some people to tell me how much I am going to love it and how easy it is to use, how much energy I am going to gain and all the benefits my family will gain from all the healthy smoothies we'll drink,etc. I want to keep it but it's sooo expensive. Is it really worth the $$$?? :confused:
If my house was burning down, I would grab my Vitamix! You will love it. It's so versatile, from smoothies to soup to using it as a food processor. It's worth it if you only use it for daily green smoothies, which is what I use mine the most for.
I could not live without mine. By far the best purchase EVER!!! I make a huge batch of smoothies everyday and I think I have had it about 5 yrs so far and it runs like it has from day 1. It is soooooo easy to clean. Love it!!!!:D
Not until Publisher's Clearing House come to my house...

....and presents me with a big ole check and the assurance that I get the million dollars a year for life prize - THEN and only then, would I spend that much on a Vitamix!
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I went through the breakdown of countless cheap blenders prior to purchasing my vitamix, and none of them could do what my vitamix does.
My vitamix is well over 5 years old and works as good as day one. I use it to blend smoothies and make nut flour(for homemade protein bars and pancakes). Next to my microwave, it is the most used appliance in my house.
My sister is the most frugal person I know, and she convinced me that I needed one. If you knew her, you would know that is seriously saying a lot!:D
The only other blender that has turned my head is the Blendtec. I bought that for my son's new home and I like the design. It was on their wish list and I looked at the reviews comparing them. I said I would buy a blendtec if my vitamix went out....but, I don't think that will happen anytime soon. ;)
My husband wanted a VitaMix for a long long time and I didn't want to spend that kind of money so we were at Costco about 3 years ago and he said that's it, I'm buying it. It has without a doubt been our best purchase to date - I use it for smoothies but the cookbook that comes with it is fantastic for waffles and it make THE best carrot cake I have ever tasted! My husband uses it for soups and cheese sauce for macaroni and cheese that is so smooth.

We too have gone through countless cheap blenders, if I knew then what I know now I would of caved a long time ago.

It will be one purchase you will not regret.

You will love it!! Vitamix

I have had one of 5 years..can't live without it in my kitchen. It is an important part of clean eating in our home. Enjoy!
LOL, i bought the Blendtec from Costco and i had the same buyer's remorse - but, as often as we've used it, we've probably paid for it many times over in the 3 years we've owned it.

We used to spend almost $5 each on smoothies at Jamba Juice for a family of four - that adds up really quick.

And, it's so easy to use, my daughter started using it when she was 9.
Thank You

Thanks for the comments. Apparently I can take it back ANYTIME according to the marketing director at our Costco. I said what if I have it for 6 months and don't feel I've used it enough and she said bring it back and we'll give you a full refund!! So I said why not at least give it a try? We made the brownies in the kids sections yesterday and they were not a big hit at all - they'd rather have black beans and rice and real brownies!! I do see a lot of things in the cookbook that look good AND my 3 year was enjoying the smoothies from the demonstrations......I feel like I get enough fruits and veggies in my daily diet but my kids don't. If I could get them to drink smoothies with veggies and calcium it will be well worth it.....
I love mine, we use it every day. In the summer the kids love making "margaritas" with non-alcoholic mix and ice, and I use it every morning for my breakfast protein shake (which is often also my dinner, so this thing often gets used 3-4x/day).
We thought long and hard about buying a vitamixer but finally did it about 2 or 3 years ago. We use that thing everyday. Everyday!

I'm with the others - it's the appliance I would save if the house was burning.... It's worth every penny. Think smoothie for breakfast with protein powder and veg tucked in with berries and bananas... yum yum...
I agree, I absolutely LOVE my vitamix blender. I bought it from Costco right before I had my tonsils removed. BEST. PURCHASE. EVER. I use it at least once every day.

I, too, had buyer's remorse because it is so expensive, but man did it save me when I had those 2 weeks of suffering right after the surgery - it was worth it for the shaved ice alone.

My sister's husband bought her a blender for Christmas last year - he said he got her a "really powerful" one from Macy's, but when I used it to make a smoothie I realized than how much better my vitamix blender is. I love green smoothies and the vitamix blender does such a great job of dealing with the ice and spinach (and various other ingredients).

But since you can take it back if you find out you aren't using it enough to justify the cost, that is great!
Worth every penny, I burned out 3 blenders totaling around $250 for all 3 before realizing this was the answer. I use it almost exclusively for frozen fruit smoothies, and for that alone it has been worth it. I think mine is about 4/5 years old. I had to live in a hotel for a few months, and there was no doubt this was one of the items that came with me. My father's is over 10 years old with heavy use and he still has no issues with it.
You won't regret it!! My husband talked me into buying a Vitamix from Costco a couple of months ago and like you ...I had buyers remorse. One more gadget....yuck!! ...But, I am now a believer!! We use it ALL the TIME!
Best purchase ever!! We make "healthy" ice cream every night.
I got a vitamix for Christmas, I love it! I have a question for those who have made ice cream. How many cups is a pound of frozen fruit? I have frozen fruit but have no idea how much a pound is! Thanks!
kblvr - you can't measure it by the cup, as fruit is different (sizes, density, etc). I would just get an inexpensive kitchen scale and weigh it - or just eyeball it. I'd guesstimate about 2-3 cups on average. You can't really go wrong - it's just fruit.
Vitamix: Worth every penny

I bought my Vitamix 10 years ago and the motor is still as strong and the blades as sharp as the day I purchased it. I went through several blenders before this, but none compare to how fine it pulverizes oats, flaxseeds and other grains. It blends the smoothest of smoothies. It hasn't needed to be serviced and no parts have been replaced. Although it's an expensive product, it was a great investment. I have 3 blenders in my basement that don't hold a candle to the Vitamix.
So Far Very Good

Okay I think I am falling in LOVE with this thing........I am a bit afraid of gaining weight though. Do people use smoothies with fruite, hemp, chia and other fats as meal replacements or in addition to a regular diet. I want to gain health but I also would like to lose 5 or 10 lbs in the process.
I do green or red smoothies as breakfast all the time. My kids love them as well. Sometimes I'll mix something up for a quick lunch if I'm really in a rush, but not often. The calorie count in the ones I do is usually around 250-300 (they're huge!), so it's filling enough for me as a meal especially with all the fiber from the fruits and veggies. I usually toss in a block of tofu too.
This is so funny--we bought a Vitamix today at Costco! Years ago on this forum, I read about all the benefits of a Vitamix and wanted one, but I knew my hubby would think I was crazy for wanting such an expensive appliance. But we both are trying to eat much more healthily and were both sold on the Vitamix today when we tried the concoctions. Our kids loved them, too, especially the "Shrek Sorbet" which is a new recipe. Our demonstrator also told us about making fresh peanut butter in it. His recipe isn't so healthy--he said take a can of honey roasted peanuts and put it in the Vitamix. Said it makes the tastiest p.b. ever! We can't wait to make some green smoothies tomorrow!

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