Neck muscle pull

Cosmo Mom

I pulled some neck and shoulder muscle trying to do 15lb overhead shoulder press. My left side suffers because its weaker. I have put heating pad on it, hot tub'd, massaged it myself and been to the chiro. He helped but I haven't gone back.

I have had to really lay off the weights because it needs to heal. Any suggestions on what to do in the future to not have happen or what to help it get better quicker?:(

Thanks in advance!
Ice Pack for SURE! You want to reduce the inflammation.
Actually it's best to alternate ice with heat.
I'm sorry this happened to you - I had a neck muscle lock up on me and man, that is one of the worst injuries I have ever had.
I hope you are better soon but don't rush it!
I feel for you. I stopped lifting weights overhead completely a while ago d/t persistent neck and shoulder pain. If you're not at that point, you might want to try lifting again when you're feeling better. Pick a light weight and see how you feel. Continue to monitor and make adjustments in your weight selection if you need to. Good luck!
Thanks for the feedback - yes I think it will take some time to heal. I saw where it could take up to 6 weeks, but I don't think it will be that bad. I am going to start back with weights (because I'm stubborn and want to do the April rotation). I think I will avoid the overhead shoulder presses all together!

fitnessbuff: Thanks - I do take magnesium. I can try adding some of my hubby's fish oil supplements.

tinker: I'm thinking eventually just doing 10 or 12's for overhead shoulder press. It just stinks because I know it's not challenging my right side enough. Oh well.

I thank you all for the advice!

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