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Just want to share my experience with this new machine with you. This is what I post in for my reivew:
I wanted soy milk maker for a long time. My daughter likes to drink it. We bought Silk brand from Costco. It's fine. But I don't like the sweet taste of Silk brand. My mom used to make it from scratch. After search, especially after reading reviews in Amazon, I decided to buy this model based on Farrier Mom's review since I wanted the machine not just makes soy milk, I wanted it can make all different nut milks too. Before I got it, my friends warned me about machine quality. She told me she bought one a few years ago. It violated all US electronic standard. But, this one is totally different. It is very well constructed and manufacture did pay attention to little thing. It is very quiet (much quiet than my Blendtec Total Blender). I got it last Wed, arrived earlier than estimated time in my invoice. So far I made 3 batches, two for soy bean, one for almond. They came out great. I love the original soy milk taste, no sugar, no any other ingredients other than water and soy bean. I like to drink warm. My daughter like to drink cold. So far we are very happy with this machine.

I will try mix grains, nut next time. I bought a set of glass wares from Costco to store the leftover. One batch, with water between two line in the container, can last for about 2 days.

The package came with plastic pitcher, brush and strainer. Washing is not too difficult. My mother in law and sister in law came yesterday. They tasted my home made soy milk. They love it. I planned to order one for each of them for their birthday gift.

There is only one little thing confused me. In the instruction, it said add water in between two lines in the container. I expected these two lines are far distance apart. But it only has 0.5 inch apart. There is no picture in the instruction brochure showing the water lines and there is no words showing right next to the lines inside container. I just had to leap on my faith - try and error and see how it works. Thank God, it seemed work fine so far. I would suggest that manufacturer to make this more clear, add a picture in brochure, it will take out the confusion. Also, I would like to know what is the reason to add water in between two line. I went thru the recipes came with the package, nowhere mentioned that we need to use top line or lower line for water measurement. If so, I am just wondering why not just print one line there.

Anyway, this is still a very good machine. I highly recommend to people who want to have home made soy milks or any nut milks.

I used this machine to make almond milk. Then I put these in my slow cooker: one cup of steel cut oat meal and 6 cut of almond milk, 2 handful of raw peanut, ground by my Blendtec Total Blender. It came out great oat meal for our breakfast. My daughter like to add some sugar and vanilla. Yamm....


Thank you for the link. I have made my own soy milk from scratch--a lot of work. I had never heard of a soy milk maker before your post. That certainly could save some money.


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