My Cousin is 15 and has Autism but works out with you!!


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Dear Cathe,
Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!! My Cousin Sammi is 15 she has aspergers Autism. She is overweight with no muscle tone. Her parents are also overweight and had weight loss surgery. She has had blood work recently and it wasn't good. So My Aunt asked me to start working out with her and helping her with her diet.
The problem is with her diet she really doesn't eat alot of different kinds of food. She is a vegetarian. She has certain texture issues and it is so difficult. Her diet used to be 2 bowls of cereal, lunch was a capri sun, pretzels,and 2 pop tarts,dinner was 4 slices of pizza and kit kats! We have changed it up but now she is not eating enough. As far as working out she loves gym style Back shoulders and biceps!! She also does Cardio core curcuit (she tries her best). When you say keep it up or good job she gets a huge grin from ear to ear!! You inspire us all young, old, and even special!!!
If you have any tips or any words of encouragement that would be awesome! I have to say it is difficult for me trying to have motivation for the both of us. Thank you again and know that everyday at 3:30pm Sammi and I are working out with ya!!!
God Bless you and your Staff!!!!
Rebecca Lange
My son is 10 and has autism worked out too

I am so glad you posted this. Yesterday, my son Ethan worked out with me while I was working out with Cathe. He loved the stretching part the best. I can see Ethan, Cathe and I working out together in 10,20 years and laughing only during the stretching part.
Thanks Cathe. Rebecca keep up the good work with your cousin. We need more people like you helping out our special people.


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