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Hi Everyone,

Sorry for the longest wait. It was a bit tedious to identify as many tunes as possible as well as waiting for the song lists to be sent via email. Other than that, I've got them all down. All of the songs were from Yes! Fitness Music so you can craft your custom mix exactly the way it was from each of the DVDs. Here they are:

Step Sync
  • Your Life In My Life (Original Mix) – Amsterdam Crew
  • Beautiful World (Extended Mix) – 2 Rise
  • It’s OK (Extended Mix) – Mihai & Tom E Vs. Lanfranchi
  • Play (Extended Version) – Eurotrash
  • She Don’t Lie (Boom Da Club Mix) – Maurizio Gubellini & Peruz
  • Who’s Gonna Be? (Dance Full Mix) – Neja
  • In Da Loop (Rock In Da House) - Borracha
  • Latino (Latino Edit) – Bandolero Team
  • Go On (Original Version) – Badzooka
  • Your Love (Euro House Mix) - Plazma

Step Sync Intermediate Step
  • Deep Sea Disco (Flute Mix) – Brenzone
  • Love (Luv Dub) – Christian Marchi Pres. Love Project
  • Get To Me (Original Version) – Skizzee
  • Let It Drop (Original Version) – Singlewave
  • Two Steps From Hell (Radio Edit) – Nemke

Bonus Abs – Ab Stacker
  • Verdant (Original Mix) – Matthew Duncan
  • Tirana (Da Conga Remix) – Da Conga
  • Pluto (Original Mix) - Sedna

Bonus Abs #2

  • Circle Of Time (Denis Airwave Remix) - Nuestro
  • Sky (Club Mix) – Kim & Matteo Mascioli
  • Digital Rain (Orient Remix) – Brenzone

Bonus Extended Lying Stretch
  • Adore – Bananas Junior
  • My Africa – De Palma
  • African Moon (Original Version) - Eclipse
  • Savana (Original Mix) – Southern Company

Bonus Extended Chair Stretch
  • Zen Spa Room Lounge – Healing Zen Master
  • Look At My Soul – Steve Myler
  • Vous Regarder – Steve Myler
  • Your Essence – Steve Myler
  • Let Me Sleep – Vm Music Production

Cool Down Tracks
  • Bonita (Instrumental Mix) – Steven Nicola & Karim Razak Vs. Fabio V8
  • Beautiful Life (Original Karim Version) – Ocean’s Four Ft. Adam Clay
  • Better In Me – Storm Ft. Peter Frost

  • Shaki Shaki (Luigi Pilo Rmx) – Mariucch & Dreamers Ft Kool Kray-Z
  • Disco Groove (Deep Mix) – Walter Gardini
  • Here We Are (Radio Edit) – Alain Ducroix & Michael Sax
  • So Cold (Extended Mix) – Christina Novelli & Dj Xquizit
  • Make It Louder – Dj Hush
  • Get Your Hands Up – Dj Kee
  • Genesis (Extended Version) – Giorgio Guerra
  • In Da Loop (Tribal Mix) – Borracha
  • Poison (Outwork Mix) – Outwork Presents Karim
  • Shakerz (Original Mix) – Fabio Pierucci
  • La Follia (C7 Remix Extended) – Frederik
  • Sing A Song (Original) – Village Girls Vs Andrea T Mendoza

Imax 4
  • Superwoman (Original Radio Mix) – Frankie Tedesco Feat. Ramona
  • Party Time – Vida Loca
  • Dance To The Eurobeat (Factory Team Mix) – Mark Foster
  • Going Crazy (Extended Mix) – Lite Lovers, Ft Joanna
  • Beautiful World (Extended Mix) – 2Rise
  • El Bombo (Radio Edit) – Roby Giordana
  • Latino (Latino Edit) – Bandolero Team
  • Dance To The Beat (Instrumental Mix) – Dominic And Andy Asher Ft Morgana
  • Movin' (Instrumental) – Fabio Pierucci Ft Nadine Rush
  • Denver (Original Mix) – The Ignoranz
  • Here I Am (Original) – Gabry Venus Ft Solomons Disco 44
  • Thinking Of You (Long Island High T Mix) – Paola Peroni
I am definitely enjoying the upbeat music from the Step Boss series and hope you guys as well. Thanks for your patience and enjoy crafting mixes.


Thanks Jess1
I am really enjoying all the music in Step Boss, that must have been quite a lot of work identifying all those songs, nice job !
Took me quite a while just reading through them all Lol !

Brigitte :)


Anytime Brigitte. There is definitely a plethora of songs that Cathe used. Some tunes are familiar from other Cathe DVDs whereas other tunes were “freshly baked out of the oven.” Glad you are enjoying the tunes.

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