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Hello Every0ne. Here are the song lists from all of the FIT SPLIT series for those of you who love the music, especially me, by DJ Brian Howe. Identifying all of the songs was quick and painless.

FIT SPLIT – Boxing Bootcamp & Legs & Glutes
Angel Beat
Beam (Vocal)
Bass Attack (Instrumental)
Cocktail In The Moonlight
DJ Scratch The Record (Instrumental)
DJ Scratch The Record (Vocal)
Just Like Paradise
Lose Yourself (With The Bass Down Low)
Straight & Delicious (Instrumental)
Straight & Delicious (Vocal)
The Big Bang
My Home Town (Stretch)

FIT SPLIT – Low Impact Cardio & Metabolic Conditioning
Pump It (Extended Mix) – Hyp3d
The Rush (Club Mix) – Mike “Thunder” Pennino
Rolling (Extended Mix) – Munroe
Progressions – DJ Brian Howe
Keep One’s Cool (Extended Mix) – Munroe
Freeze Frame
Fizz King (Ext)
The Fever (Ext)
Learn To Fly
Dance Fever
Above The Clouds (Downtempo Mix) (Stretch)
Note: Songs 1, 2, 3, & 5 from this workout were from Amathus Music. You can purchase those 4 songs on iTunes.

FIT SPLIT – Shred Cardio & Push Day

Solid Gold
Fashion Walk (Uptempo Mix)
Stockholm Project
Peak Of Perfection
Blue Steel (Instrumental)
Filter FAB (Instrumental)
El Devino
Steady Goes The Beat
Blood Moon
Summer Warming
Just Love
Building It Up
Sweet As Sugar (Instrumental Mix) (Stretch)

FIT SPLIT – Mixed Impact Cardio & Pull Day
Feel Alright
Day Break
Jack Hammer
Tower Above
Passion Bleeds
I Can’t Forget You (Unforgettable) [Dance Mix]
The Light
Take It
Bad Vs. Good
Look What I Did (Vocal)
Only One (Stretch)

FIT SPLIT – Bonus Abs
Feel Alright
Day Break
Jack Hammer

You can purchase all of the individual songs from Fit Beat Music by subscribing it to get unlimited access to a plethora of songs, mixes, bonuses, as well as newly updated (fresh out of the oven) songs posted every month.


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