I am going into my 18th week and have not felt any movement as of yet...(as far as I know!) When do most women feel the flutter? Also, I am making the effort not to sleep on my back...but I wake sometimes and I'm this potentially dangerous for the baby?

Cathe, I am about 3 weeks behind you...just starting to pop out a little at week 18. You have given me much encouagement when nausea was the center of being...thank you and all the readers who are supportive!!!!! I'm having a boy too!!! I had a CVS at week 10, so if anyone needs to know what that was like, just write!!!! Thakns!

Cathe Friedrich

Hi Barb!

Congratulations on your pregnancy. A little boy too. Almost everyone that I know is having a boy. I'm so glad that you have found the forum to be so encouraging and supportive. Thats what we had hoped for when we started it up.

I can help you with the first part of your question to Sheila but I'll let her elaborate more. I have been told that you will feel the baby's first movements by weeks 16 to 20. So you might be getting a little odd sensation before you know it. This sensation is not overly obvious so it took me a week or so before I realized that it was actually the baby moving. As far as sleeping positions are concerned, I, too am guilty of finding myself on my back rather often. Hopefully Sheila has some comforting news for us on this topic. Take Care!


18th week

Hi Barb,
I am in my 18th week too. I think I feel the baby moving but am not sure yet either. I feel a "twirling motion" around my belly button area when I lay down to go to sleep. Not sure if its the baby or gas bubbles! I'm sure you will be able to feel the baby soon.

I also find myself on my back as well as my stomach! As soon as I realize what I'm doing I go on my side. But I am putting more pillows under my head so that I am not totally flat on my back.

I look like I have swallowed a basketball and am wearing mostly all maternity clothes except for a few stretch pants.( I'm only 5'2" and very short-waisted!)

We are going to our ultrasound early October. we don't want to know what it is. I just want to see what is going on inside there!


Baby Movement

Hi Barb,
My little boy is 15months-- perfectly healthy, and I felt very little movement throughout my entire pregnancy! My placenta was in front which made me feel less movement. I think Nick was very mellow too. I NEVER felt a hard kick like my friends all described. Don't worry, you may just have a mellow baby--- It's still pretty early too.
Baby's movement and waking up on your back

You are all "on the money" about feeling the baby move. On the average, most women feel the baby move between the 16th and the 20th week of pregnancy, just as Cathe said.

Now for the back thing......... Women are told not to sleep on their backs bacause the weight of the growing uterus (ie. baby) could potentially decrease blood flow back to the heart by compressing the big blood vessel that brings blood back to the heart from the lower extremities (inferior vena cava). This could in turn decrease blood flow back out of the heart which would in turn decrease blood flow to the baby. Notice that I said "potential." So, periodically waking up on your back is probably okay, but I wouldn't make it a habit to allow yourself to fall asleep that way.
You might try using a few pillows to keep you positioned on your side (one behind you, one between your legs and one in front to hug). So much for your partner!

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