most recent Live workout not on Fire TV

I recently renewed my subscription to Cathe Live once I found out that it is now available with the Fire stick. It's been working wonderfully with one exception. The newest Live workout from last Thursday (Total Body) is not there. The most recent Live broadcast that I see on my tv is the 200th class. I tried to do last Thursday's when it went live but it never loaded and it still is not showing up. Can anyone help? Thank you!


Staff member
Hi firemedic, currently on Fire Tv for OnDemand videos you can skip a chapter by pressing the right arrow on your remote. This feature will stop working though once we release our next update which could happen anytime now. The reason for this is we currently don't use the full video on Fire TV,instead we load all of the individual chapters that make up the video and they then play one after the other. This causes a brief interruption after each chapter where you see a the spinning donut. So, the spinning donut will soon disappear, but so will the ability to skip a chapter once the video starts playing.