More form pointers please in your workouts


Hi Cathe! I've pre-ordered all of your workouts since the Body Blast series and have enjoyed working out with you ever since! I've noticed that there are less form pointers in your workouts now (since STS) and I miss them. I know how to safely perform an exercise, but I forget the details that help with better form or getting the most bang from a different muscle. Could you please put more form pointers in instead of rep counts? Thanks for reading! Tracy
I agree with Tracy and Jane - I miss the form pointers, too :(. Being reminded of what I'm working helps me work the muscle(s) better :). Otherwise I find myself focusing on trying to drown out all the counting and/or obsessing about how many reps are left. I will say, however, that thankfully there's not quite as much counting in ICE as there was in the last several series :D.
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I agree. I need to hear form pointers over and over - makes me aware of every move.

I also like to hear which specific area I am to be working (or even shown - have Cathe point to the area) because sometimes I find I am working, say, the back rather than the rear delts - I tweak my weights or form to correct myself.

I also like to hear/see what NOT to do - that is just as important and helpful to me.
I like form pointers as well! During the move especially I like to hear things to remind me what I need to be holding in or how it should feel. I like being reminded to hold my core in or not twisting during a tricep kickbacks, or all moves I want to be reminded how my posture should be. I know what it should be but I tend to focus on the muscle I am working but I will forget to hold my core in and such

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