More all-around workouts WITHOUT the Step!

I am a devoted Cathe video user but I'm seriously limited in which of her DVDs I can do since I don't do Step. I love some of the new videos in various series that don't use the Step, but the Step sneaks in all over the place. I try to modify and just do the moves on the floor but it's just not the same and often it doesn't really work.

I am fine with low or high impact--I don't care since Cathe makes me pant doing either. But the Step is just out of the question. Please, Cathe, make more videos that don't use the Step!!



I don't know the reason you are no longer able to use the step , so my suggestion may not help you at all. But have you tried doing a step DVD with just the 4 inch top and no risers?

With just the 4inch top, the step work is more like doing the exercises a physical therapist would give you to strengthen your legs. It can make a huge difference if you have hip or knee issues.
Also, you could just do one step workout per week . Then vary your other cardio workouts with other non- step work.
Thanks, but I really want more without the step!

Thanks for the suggestion, Linda, but I just can't do step at all. I saw an orthopedic surgeon and he assessed my knees and determined that they were "overused" from step aerobics. It took me about two years to even be able to kneel or squat again and ten years later I still don't have normal pain-free use of my knees, though they are much improved.

Cathe's videos that are just floor aerobics (as opposed to step) are great and she doesn't need the step to provide a fabulous workout as, for instance, Cardio Supersets, After Burn, Cardio Core Circuit, and Cross Fire demonstrate (along with many others, like kick/boxing). So please, Cathe, more like those!!!
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