Moms 2B Check in: April 24/05


Hi! I'm jumping the gun on Wendy this week because I'm just so happy to be able to post my workouts!!

I was given the go-ahead to get off of bedrest on Wednesday afternoon, so my workout week started on Thursday:

Thurs: Basic Step
Fri: Body Fusion
Sat: KickMax Low-Impact Premix
Sun: Push Pull

I have lost a lot of conditioning in the last 9 weeks, so I'm going light with the weights and keeping the cardio low-impact. But it feels *great* to move again!! My back and my hips are thanking me profusely.

I'm not sure whether I can reasonably expect to find things get a bit easier within a week or two, or whether my advancing pregnancy will counteract the fitness gains, and I'll continue to feel challenged to this degree for the rest of the pregnancy. Only time will tell, I guess!

I hope you all have had a good week!


Sandra - it's so nice to hear your energy and excitement! I am feeling a definite slump and don't think I'll ever be able to work out again (I know this is temporary, but at the moment it just stinks! ;-) ) At least now I'm thinking there may be hope - :)

Sunday - Interval Max
Monday - Step and Interval
Tuesday - had to work late, no w/o
Wed - 3 mi walk/run
Thursday - started a migraine at work on top of m/s. Spent the night on the couch, couldn't move
Friday - no w/o - DH was out late and had the kids
Saturday - took kids to grandparents, shopped for new double stroller. Does shopping walking count? Totally wiped myself out, so:
Sunday - spent most of day trying not to throw up, laying on couch. DH had a touch of a virus and didnt' get out of bed until 11:00, so I managed to clean in short bursts. Vacuumed for 10 minutes, laid down for 10. Made lunch for kids, laid down for 10 minutes, you get the picture.

<sigh> And so it goes. I'm hoping to get in 4 workouts this week - maybe just aim for bare minimums until I feel better. I'm finding small things that seem to help - no salt, no salads, limited sugar, lots of decaf black tea.

Isn't it weird what being pg does to your body? Just for the sake of comparisons - what is the strangest - or most surprising - change or symptom you've had since you became pg? So far, mine is that black tea tastes good and makes me feel less nauseated - it's not one of my regular drinks (I'm a coffee girl!) I have no idea why it works, but I'm drinking it around the clock, lately :)

Hope you all have a good week - we're having snow today (can you believe?!?!) and the weather isn't looking good until late in the week. Hope you're all having something better!


Hey Ladies.:) :) :)

Here's my week:

Sun: C&W and SJP step only premixes (60 mins)

Mon: L&G Mix n Match exercises (30 mins)


Wed: CTX Kickbox (w/o weight section)(30 mins?)

Thu: CTX back/chest work
SJP w/u and hi/lo segments (45 mins)


Sat: (35 mins of)Step Blast
CTX shoulders/triceps/biceps (80 mins)

This morning I spent a few hours going through and organizing my gifts from my showers. :+

Sandra--it's so nice to see you reporting work outs again. I can tell that you are ecstatic about getting back into it!:7

Gracenote--my most surprising "pregnancy symptom" has to be how much my hips hurt me at night. I figured sleeping would be a little bit of a challenge but I never imagined it could hurt so much....OUCH! It's really the only thing I ever complain about...x(


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Hi ladies! :)

Sandra: so glad to see you back posting your workouts.
Gracenote: this time around my pregnancy symptoms are worse then the 1st pregnancy, I was much more tired and had continuous "morning" sickness during my 1st trimester.
Wendy: your workouts look great as usual

Here are my workouts for the week. I wanted to do 1 body part a day but by the end of the week I was so tired that I wasn't able to finish up.

Sunday: REST
Monday: walked 3.5 miles and did the shoulder segments from S&H and PS
Tuesday: walked 5 miles and did the tricep segments from S&H and PS
Wednesday: walked 3.5 miles and did biceps from GS
Thursday: walked 3.5 miles
Friday: walked 3.5 miles
Saturday: REST

I find that in the beginning of the week I"m gung ho and by the time the end of the week gets here I'm either too tired or I have no time. Hopefully this week will be better.


Just bumping so that more preggies will see the thread and check in!

:) ;-) :p :+ :7


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Hi Everyone,

Sandra, you must be happy to be active again.

Wendy, how fun to be working on the baby's room. It's not too long now.

My workouts:

Monday: 30 min. walk
Tuesday: 30 min. walk
Wednesday: Body Fusion
Thursday: High Step, the easier one
Friday: Low Max (step portions only)
Saturday: Sleep :)

I'm still not feeling that sick. I've read all sorts of conflicting views on morning sickness, nausea etc.
I don't feel 100%, but I don't feel sick and nauseated all the time either.

I am very, very tired. I can sleep at any time I let myself. Saturday I slept for 2 hours in the afternoon and Sunday I did the same. And I still get about 8-9 hours of sleep a night.

In a week I go for an ultrasound. I really hope we see a healthy heartbeat!



Gracenote and Janna, you rock!!! We are all at the same point, and you're way ahead of me on the workouts.

Week #8 hit me like a ton of bricks and wiped out all my energy. Until now I'd been thinking "What's the big deal with this pregnancy thing? I feel fine!" On Saturday morning I laid down on the couch after breakfast thinking I'd watch a little of the Today show then do a workout, and ended up napping until after 10:00. ZZZZzzzzZZzzzzzz... Took another nap in the afternoon.

I did muster the strength to take the dogs on a few power walks, but other than that, I haven't accomplished much.


Sandra you aren't losing time starting are you ;-) , GOOD FOR YOU!

I did....nothing. After being in the ER twice within 9 days, I was exhausted and way behind on stuff at home. So I did nothing, but got some stuff done around the home that I wanted to do. We told our family we are expecting this weekend, which was so fun. My parents came over for dinner last night, and so far they had the best reaction, so fun! Anyway I plan on jumping back on board this week. :)

Oh and according to my OBGYN I'm starting my second trimester - YEAH!!!:7


:) Hi Ladies! I'm so excited to join you all here.

I'm still feeling pretty good-just a little dizzy and fatigued. It sounds like I'll be taking some unplanned naps soon from reading some of your posts! ;-)

Workouts last week:

Monday: Walk with my dog (1 hr)
Tuesday: Step Jump and Pump
Wednesday: Kick Punch and Crunch
Thursday: Walk with my dog (1 hr)
Friday: Muscle Max
Saturday: Walk with my dog (1 hr)
Sunday: Helped a friend move

I am a waitress so I get quite a bit of exercise at work also. I haven't told anyone at work yet but I am pretty tired by the end of my shift now so I bet they will guess soon. Especially as I keep turning down glasses of wine from the other gals. Surprisingly, I don't miss alcohol and my chocolate/sugar cravings are also gone!


Hi all,

I had a pretty good week. I went on 1 walk, did 1 section of QF prenatal video, and cleaned up the house. Cleaning the house was fun. We fixed up the baby's room and I washed a bunch of clothing, blankets and other things for the baby.

I would have to say the most surprising symptom I am having is shoulder and hip pain from sleeping on my side (like wendy). Prepregnancy I slept on my side or my tummy and never had such pain so I really wasn't expecting to have pain during pregnancy. Lately this is getting worse but I only have about a week to go so I'm sucking it up. Also I tend to get leg cramps at night and those are a pain too.

Well this is my last week at work! I am so excited! Hopefully the baby will come right on time and I will spend next week getting to know my little one! Wow, this pregnancy flew by.

Have a great week.



Hi all!

I haven't been posting much lately because my workouts have been suffering very badly for numerous reasons and I feel guilty posting in this forum since I have nothing to share. I feel like I have never regained any energy from my first trimester. Between working full time, DH working so many hours overtime, my sinuses causing me major problems, and DS taking all my time after work hours, I barely have the energy to workout once I put him to bed at 9. On top of it all work is not going very well. Hopefully I will be getting over this slump soon. My plan for this pregnancy was to workout throughout, but so far it has been very hard to accomplish.

On a bright note, Thursday morning I have my doctor's appointment and ultrasound. Let's hope the baby cooperates so we can see what sex he/she is.

I hope everyone keeps up the good work with their exercising! Have a good day!


Kristi don't be so hard on yourself. We want you here with us no matter if you work out or not. Sounds like you're busy enough right now and with not feeling 100% it is diffult to focus on working out.

I can't wait to hear about your ultrasound. I go on May 6th for mine.


kristi...don't feel bad because if you do then i have to also. i am in the exact same boat. i've never quite regained my energy either...i too work fulltime, after work i take my dh to tae kwon do classes twice a week after i get off work. usually by the time i get home it's 7:30pm and i still have to prepare dinner...we put our son to bed between 8:30 and 9pm and i surely don't have any energy left to workout esp. since me and hubby need our time to talk.....whew, so when do i fit in a workout. early in the morning you say, well i have to get up at 6:30 am just to start my day...and i can't for the life of me get myself up any earlier since now is the time i am supposed to get my do you ladies do it???
although this last week i did walk alot since we were in charleston, we stayed right downtown and didn't need to move the car the whole time we were there.


here's my week:
Monday: nothing
Tuesday: work out 1 hour at gym- stairmaster, elliptical, leg machines
Wednesday: walk to farmers market- push stroller and produce home, 10 minutes yoga
Thursday: run on riverfront (2.0 miles- run wharf/Arch stairs too)
Saturday: BodyMax warmup, sections 1+2 (very winded- at first I thought I was having a bad day, then realized my basement was warm and humid from the massive rain we've had- like exercising in a sauna)
Sunday: nothing

That's it for me. Have made a note to myself to invest in a dehumidifier for basement.

due 11-1-05 with #3


Thanks Dana and Sunnydelite! I feel much better. Sunnydelite, I'm right there with you on trying to fit it all in. It is really challenging to work fulltime and still do everything else when you get home. I'm also guessing the more kids you have the harder it is to fit exercise in especially if your kids are too young to help out. I get up at 6:30 as well and there really isn't any way I can get up any earlier unless I go to bed at 9 every night instead of 10. Unfortunately my body requires at least 8 hours of sleep to make me not cranky and to function properly. I've always required a lot of sleep. However, I might need to think about switching to morning exercise to fit it all in.

Last night I took our dog for a walk while DS "mowed" grass with DH. (DS has a plastic lawnmower.) I only walked 2 miles, but I feel like I've never worked out a day in my life. Hopefully this is the beginning of trying to exercise more. I'm going to try to fit in 20-30 minute weight sessions maybe at lunches or right after DH gets home. This week I won't be able to workout at lunches due to all the errands I need to run, tomorrow being Secretary's day, and then my ultrasound on Thursday. I would still like to primarily workout with Cathe so this might be trial and error until I find one that can be split up to fit my bill. I'm sure I can find something to work, maybe a fews sets per muscle group from Pure Strength.

Well, I've gotta get back to work. Thanks everyone for making my day! I think those pregnancy hormones mess with our minds sometimes without us even knowing it.

Have a great day!


Wow, there are a lot of pregnant woman here these days! That's so great to see!

Gracenote - thanks! For being "in a slump", you did some awesome workouts last week! I don't think you need to feel bad! And yes, believe it or not, you *will* feel better in a few more weeks. My most bizarre pregnancy symptom was my sudden craving to put pepper on all my food (breakfast, lunch, supper). I've never liked pepper.

Wendy - another great week of workouts! Does kickboxing no longer bother your back? Or have you substantially modified the moves?

Dana - wow, those were some workouts you did last week! That's a lot of walking! Are you still going at the SH & PS workouts with your typical amount of weight, are have you found that you need to lower the weights?

Janna - it feels like you've been drugged, doesn't it? The first trimester fatigue is awful. Here's hoping you'll be one of the fortunate ones (aka Wendy), and you don't get serious morning sickness.

Peahcy - what do you mean, you haven't accomplished much? Why, in that week, you probably grew an entirely new pair of legs for your baby! Surely that takes some energy? :)

Jules - all those workouts, and you're a waitress too? Wow. You have some great stamina!

Julie - you managed to keep quiet from your *family* for the entire first 12 weeks?? I do not have that kind of restraint! Did they say they has a suspicion, or was it a complete surprise? Have you told your son yet?

Imani - so glad to hear the pregnancy flew by for you. It's hard to wrap your head around the idea that within the next few days, the baby could actually be here! And you will be able to easily bend over to tie your shoes again!

Kristi - I look forward to hearing about your u/s!! Given all that you have on your plate these days, I'm not surprised to hear that you don't have the energy to workout at the end of the day. I'm feeling much better than my first trimester, but find that I still need extra sleep at night. I get up at 5:30 to workout, but need to be in bed by 9pm at the latest, in order to feel good the next day.

Sunnydelite - I loved hearing about how you were swept away to Charleston! Your DH sounds wonderful!

Kristan - doing BodyMax in a sauna?? Sounds horrible!!



Julie - you managed to keep quiet from your *family* for the entire first 12 weeks?? I do not have that kind of restraint! Did they say they has a suspicion, or was it a complete surprise? Have you told your son yet?

Yeah, DH really wanted to keep it secret until 12 weeks. So I relented. My parents wondered if something was up when we had them over for dinner on sunday, actually my dad figured it out, LOL! But other than them, everyone else was totally surprised. We've told DS about the baby but he doesn't get it yet. I think once he can feel the baby move it'll begin to registar a little bit.


Hey Sandra,

I've been going light on the kicking intensity with the kickboxing work outs. I love them so I just adjusted them rather then leave them out completely. I still give the arms a good work out though!;)


I smoked my last cigarette on March 17, 2004 at 10:00 pm![/img]
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