moms 2 be check in week of Jan 22


Hi everyone,

I am 6 weeks pregnant now. This is what I have been doing this week:

Monday- Low Max
Tuesday- Body Fusion
Wednesday- Low Max
Thursday- CIA Jammin 32's
Friday- Jammin 32's plus Cathe's Upper Body Pyramid
Saturday- Cathe's Basic Step

I am feeling really good so far. I haven't had cravings, or morning sickness or anything. Hopefully I stay that way through my whole pregnancy. With my first prego I felt sick since the first day I got preg. I am surprised with this one.

Have a nice day,


I am feeling good but have been starved especially late at night and early in the morning. I am up about 14 pounds but it is still mostly boob and belly. My energy has been good.

Sun-tae bo live adv. vol. 2
Mon-push/pull+upper premix from bootcamp
Tues-cia 7002-step+cia 5004 step-christi
Wed-bodyfusion plus upper and lower add ons-floorwork from cia 5004
Thurs-wedding tape-step
Fri-firm uppersculpt+upper sect. from firm bodysculpt , core sect. from total cardio kick
Sat-firm lowersculpt 1 and 2 +lowmax blasts and basic step.

Week 21, due 6/1/06 with girl #2.


Hello ladies, let me see....
mon:low impact step
tues:body fusion
thurs:muscle endurance
this whole week I have been cleaning out all the closets and preparing to transfer my weight room into the bigger room so the baby can have the smaller room. I have also been getting the dizzies lately. I am now 20 weeks prego and I do have VERY low blood pressure. I think my pressure is low due to my workouts(107/56) Does anyone elso have this problem?


107/56 is very very low - what does your dr say? is this a new problem? on a different note, what do you think of kickmax? is it modifiable?

i am very excited b/c all of a sudden (since saturday) my body is more comfortable running again - maybe i will ekk out a few more weeks....

sun - elliptical 40 min, bootcamp
mon - low max, 30 min strength
tues - run 7 mil
weds - elliptical 60 min, muscle endurance
thurs - spin class, 30 min strength
fri - run 7 mil
sat - run 7 mil, 35 min strength

hope everyone is well otherwise.
due with baby numb 1 june 23rd - due to find out if boy or girl on feb 1!


Mary, can you dizziness be due to low blood sugar? Are you eating enough? check with the doc regarding blood pressure.
Morris, that is great that you can still run. My body still wants to do high impact but my bladder says no. I am going to try kickmax today minus the challenge section.


Hello! I hope you guys don't mind if I join you. I'm currently 18 weeks (due June 22) and have been working out consistently through my pregnancy. I've been "lurking" here for a while but this is my first post.

Currently, I am doing a 1/2 hour jog MWF morning, and either strength or cardio for about an hour in the afternoon. Saturday I was able to get through Circuit Max with just a few modifications, so I feel pretty good about my workouts. I'll keep better track this week so I have more details to "check in" with.

I've also been taking Bradley classes and doing their exercises (basically just kegels, deep squatting, and pelvic tilts). Is anyone else doing the Bradley thing?


Linda, welcome!
Good job with the jobs and with circuitmax. I love circuitmax but know I'll pee on myself if I try it preggo.


Hi Ladies!
Wondering if I could join in?? I had a miscarriage last year 05/05/05 at 9 weeks (no growth of fetus after 7w4d) so I'm a little cautious about this one.

I am currently 9weeks 1 day. This will be my first. DH and I tried for 8 months with the first pregnancy then 8 months again with this one. We did one round of Clomid and that did the trick.

I haven't been working out since I found out I was pregnant, but am feeling ready to start soon. I am planning on trying Basic Step today or convincing DH to go for a nice walk. I am usually a very early morning exerciser, but don't think I can start that yet since I have a bit of morning sickness and need to eat first thing when I wake up or I feel horrible.

I have gained 7 lbs already. Yikes!!!!!! I contribute that to the holidays and the 7 day cruise we went on last week and the fact I haven't been exercising. (I'm 5'7 and started at 123 lbs) I also have to eat almost constantly or I start feeling sick. If my stomach is the least bit empty I will begin to feel nauseous again....but I've been really trying to just eat healthy foods and really watch what I eat.

I had one ultrasound a week ago and we saw the heartbeat. I was so relieved, but know I still have a chance of miscarriage so I'm trying to be positive.

My next ob appointment and ultrasound is on February 13th.

Anyway, sorry for the lengthy post. I hope to get right in there with you ladies with the regular exercise. I have the book "Exercising through your Pregnancy" and plan to read it more in depth.

Take Care everyone.

9weeks1day, due 08/27/06

ETA: I've been working out exclusively to Cathe since 99. Love her, love her, love her!!!


Here is my week,

Sunday - 40 minutes low impact step
Monday - 1 hour high step challenge
Friday - 40 minutes lowmax - 6 inch step
Saturday - 50 minutes lowmax - 6 inch step

I bought a trainer for my bike so it can become an indoor exercise bike. Will set up this week. I bought a Mindy Mylrea DVD to use with it.

We found out it is a girl today. A little disappointed as we have one girl and wanted a boy but all in all relieved that our quad screening and ultrasound show a healthy baby!

What does everyone do to work their Abs? Does anyone use Cathe's coremax with modifications? I have not looked at it yet and need some guidance on what ab exercises are safe.


Due 6/25/06 with girl #2



Welcome! I am sorry about your miscarrage last year. I bet this one is going to be great! Just be positive. Sometimes I am scared that I might have one since I have Hypothyroidism and don't know how that can affect pregnancy. I am only 6 weeks prego. I workout so much but now that I am prego, I am kind of scared cause I am afraid that I might cause to lose the baby is I workout, but I do workout while prego but just with easy workouts that don't have a lot of jumping and stuff like that. I do Cathe's Basic Step, Body Fusion, and Low Max. We both are having our babies around the same time =o) congrats on your pregnancy!


Congrats!! I have a girl already too and want a boy this time. I am so afraid they will tell me its a girl, but I figured that as long as the baby is healthy, it shouldn't matter to me. I am trying to focus on a boy or girl, not just a boy, because I don't want to get sad when they tell me its a girl.


Adriana 5/18/01
New Baby 9/19/06


Hi girlys!
Just remember, if it is another girl, sisters are the best and they'll be sooooo lucky to have eachother! I have 2 sissies, no boys in this family. Of course I would love to have one of each as well, but if it's a girl, like I said, sis's are special;-)

Mommy to Hannah Lilly born 3/25/05


hey rachel

you asked about core max

i started it a week before i found out i was pregnant and am now 18 weeks and still using it 3 times a week. it is a nice workout as it isn't just abs, but can be a bit time consuming. i am finding it harder in the last week, but mainly switching from exercise to exercise - i am not as agile. overall it is good though. hope this helps.


Thanks CurlyQtee! You do have a point. If its a girl, my DD will have a sis. I have a sis and I love her to death. Thanks!



Janna, congrats and welcome! My doctor said once they see the healthy baby on the early ultrasound , the rate of miscarriahe goes down. Often miscarriages are a one time thing due that particular fetus. How devastating it must have been for you.
Rachel, I have a girl and wanted another girl. First of all, how sad if I had to get rid of all those cute girl outfits. Second, I find same sex siblings closer.(I have a sister). we were happy to find out another girl is on the way but everyone else seems disappointed and asks us if we will try for the boy.

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