Moms 2 B check in for April 10, 2005


Hey Ladies!

Quickie check in for me...gotta jump in the shower VERY soon!

Sun: Rest

Mon: Muscle Endurance

Tue: Gazelle: 35 min circuit style
CTX: kickbox arm drills

Wed: Step Blast Premix # 1

Thu: L&G Mix n Match-30 mins
CTX: Back/Chest
Stretchmax # 1

Fri: CTX: Shoulders/Biceps/Triceps

Sat: Rest

I was in a/c from saturday to yesterday. Saw the Eagles in concert (AWESOME!) and even came home a winner!:7 :7 :7

I have the day off from work to day...have to go to Social Security and then spending the afternoon with my friend doing something fun.

Tonight is an apptmnt to see how the little guy is doin'! :+

I know when my baby shower is going to DH had to spill the beans because I have to (try) to move our lamaze class. He didn't realize the class was when the shower is scheduled I am nervous that we won't be able to get into any other class in time...

Have a great day everyone!


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EDD: 05/19/05


Good morning ladies.

Sunday: rest
Monday: walked 3.5 miles
Tuesday: walked 3.5 miles, GS Legs 33 min pre-mix and abs on the stability ball
Wednesday: walked 4.5 miles, upper body P/P premix from MuscleMax and abs on the stability ball
Thursday: walked 3.5 miles, lower body premix from MuscleMax, #3 from StretchMax and abs on the stability ball
Friday: walked 3.5 miles
Saturday: didn't do a "real" workout but hiked the mountain behind my parent's house with my son. We also played baseball and I spent a lot of time chasing the ball down the drive way. It was such a beautiful day to spend outside.

Nothing eventful went on this past week. I'm feeling really great except for the occasional backache & headache.

Wendy, sounds like you had a fun time at the concert. Did you win big in A/C or just a bit? I've only been there once and I was too cheap to gamble. I think I spent like $7 HA!!! I enjoyed just sitting on the boardwalk and watching all the different people.

Hope everyone has a great week!



Good Morning!

so I did good, oh by the way my weeks end on sunday - so forgive my weekly set up is a little different :)

Monday-Wednesday: rest
Thursday: Pyramid bonus combo 55 min (?)
Friday: Low Max premix 2 - 44 min
Saturday: Muscle Max no abs - 60 min -ish
Sunday: Low Max premix 1 - 45 min

I'm doing ok, my little man woke up this morning complaining about his belly and had a small fever. Well now I feel hot, no fever yet but I'm worried I'm gonna get sick :(, which I'm worried about. I can't get above 101 - which I doubt would happen, but still worries me. Anyway my week was fine. My belly is getting bigger. Last week the largest part of my belly was around the naval, this week about an inch or more under the naval is measuring 32" - grow baby grow ;-) ! My weight seems to be keeping in check, now just not to gain a ton in the next 2 weeks! I can do that as long we don't buy anymore ice cream ;-) !


Hi everyone!

Sunday: Spinning class
Monday: no time!
Tuesday: Spinning class
Wednesday: 30 minute morning walk/run with the dogs
Thursday: Spinning class
Friday: rest
Saturday: Step class, then strength train class.

I am just now starting to feel a little tired and I've been taking it easier in the spinning classes. Last week it was hard to keep my heartrate below 150, and this week it's an effort to get it above 135 for long.


It was a slow week for me. My energy when working out is not what it used to be even 2 weeks ago.

Monday-Muscle Max
Wed-Low Max 1-4
Thurs-Imax 2 (modified so my heartrate didn't get too high)
Sat-Muscle Max and 45 minute walk with DH

It's getting kind of hard to be around my in-laws on Sundays and not tell them yet about being pregnant (it will be their 1st grandchild)......but I really want to wait until Mother's Day and by then we will have had an ultrasound too (May 3rd).
I don't have morning sickness, but am starting to feel a little more fatigued than normal. Saturday night I slept for about 11 hours which is unusual for me.

Hope everyone has a good week! :)



Hi all,

I had a pretty good week. I still have not gotten back to scheduled workouts. I just try to take walks during my lunch break and stay active at work. I am feeling so big lately! My belly is growing by leaps and bounds!

Wendy, I know when my shower is too. We are having it on Saturday. This is the only weekend my mom could come. I am so excited she will be able to be there! It should be tons of fun.

Hope you all have a great week.



Hello. I hope it's okay to join you. I lurked here with my first two pregnancies, and have decided this would be a good way to keep me on track fitness-wise with pregnancy #3. I'm almost 11 weeks pregnant and due 11-1-05. My older children, both girls, are 2 (dob 9-11-02) and 4 (dob 10-18-00). I stayed in really good shape with #1, but with my second, we bought a new house mid-pregnancy and I don't think I exercised much at all the last 4 months. It's taken me about 2 years since then to finally get back to where I could do a harder cathe video without huffing and puffing.

Monday: Run stairs on riverfront
Tuesday: nothing
Wednesday: AllStep from CTX, 10 minutes of pilates ab work
Thursday: 1 hour at gym- elliptical, stairmaster, etc.
Friday: short walk/push stroller
Saturday: variety- gardening, walk with stroller, 10 minutes pilates
Sunday: variety- more gardening, lug bricks around from sidewalk project




Sunday - Circuit Max
Monday - Power Circuit
Tuesday - pushed kids around yard in stroller for 2 hours
WEdnesday - Step and Intervals
Thursday - Power Max
Friday - nothing - DH out of town, so no babysitter
Saturday - power walking
Sunday - Circuit Max

I just got 2 DVD's and attempted IMAX 3 tonight. I made it up to #9 and then started to feel a sharp pain lower ab on left side. Not sure what it was, but scared me a bit. I forget that maybe this isn't the time to get crazy... :) At the same time, there was a head bumping incident that need some 'Mommy TLC', so I had to bag it anyway. Lots of fun though, so I'd better figure out some modifications!

Feeling sick sick sick pretty much all day. Just started on Saturday and I'm already 'sick' of it :) Like constant carsickness. I have to find time to get to the store to pick up a selection of remedies and see if I can't alleviate it a bit: lemon, ginger, crackers, etc. On the other hand, early illness helps the placenta develop (at least that's what I've been told) so maybe it's all for the good.

Hope you're all having a good week -


PS - Can anyone suggest anything for my ticker (below) It doesn't seem to be working... TIA!!!!


>Wendy, sounds like you had a fun time at the concert. Did you
>win big in A/C or just a bit?

I actually came home with $300.00 more then I had gone there with!!!!
:7 I like to play nickels coz it lasts longer and RARELY ever max bet. Well, in the last 10 minutes I was there I decided to do some max betting and with in maybe 5 mins I had hit some kind of jackpot! Woo hoo!!! I was in shock. :p


I smoked my last cigarette on March 17, 2004 at 10:00 pm![/img]
EDD: 05/19/05


>Wendy, I know when my shower is too. We are having it on
>Saturday. This is the only weekend my mom could come. I am
>so excited she will be able to be there! It should be tons of

Have a great time at your shower, Imani!

I wanted mine to be a surprise but I had to know because of the scheduling problem....Oh well, what can ya do, right?:)


I smoked my last cigarette on March 17, 2004 at 10:00 pm![/img]
EDD: 05/19/05

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