MIS on dvd (I'm impressed with the potential it has...)


I'm rediscovering the Maximum Intensity Strength workout on dvd and can't believe all the possibilities with it! I've done the whole workout in the same order as the video but soon got bored with it.

Then one day I was looking at the weight training workout templates on www.exrx.net and looked at their suggestions for full body workouts (2 workouts for alternating upper/lower & 6 workouts for alternating push/pull). After thinking about it awhile I discovered that most of their exercises were very similar to the ones on MIS.

So I've been doing a 'full body' rotation (starting with alternating upper/lower) with the different chapters of exercises on the MIS dvd for the last two weeks and it's rekindled my enthusiasm for the workout! When I complete the rotation for 'alternating upper/lower' I'll start a new rotation for 'alternating push/pull.' WOW, this dvd just amazes me with all the different possibilities and the potential for so many workouts! Thanks again to Cathe for her great chaptering on dvd.

Here's the link to the site if you want to check out the suggestions for the Full Body Workout (I like the ones that alternate exercises)--

I'm hoping this will hold my interest until Cathe releases her new 'push/pull' workout.



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