Been toying with the idea of a new mattress then today saw a great half price offer on memoryfoam on a shopping channel - so need to make a quick decision.

Does anyone have any positives or negatives to help me decide?

Thanx :confused:
My friend has one and she said it really retains your body heat. For her, that's a negative. For her husband, a positive!

Yes. Exactly.

Five guys and one girl in my house. Four memory foam mattresses and one regular mattress. Guess who sleeps on the regular mattress? :D

I've heard there are hybrid memory foam mattress available that are less enveloping but still provide the same support.

I bought a memory foam topper that is about 5 inches thick from QVC. I LOVE IT. My back was hurting on every mattress or any kind of topper. I no longer have back problems. Even my husband sleeps better. You do need to turn them every few months. But I say Go Fot It.

My DH and I bought an iComfort by Serta. Love it. This one doesn't retain the body heat like the others do. It has a layer of gel on top to alleviate that problem. We also got one where we can bring the head up and/or feet up. Absolutely love that. It really helps with my low back problems and my restless legs.

Good Luck with making your decision about getting a new mattress.

I am personally not a fan of these mattresses because I feel like I am sinking down into the memory foam. I also feel like they are less forgiving than a traditional mattress when you are trying to change sleeping positions. I much prefer a pillow-top mattress, but I do know of others who swear by the memory foam.

Don't know if it's too late, but maybe you could go to a local mattress store to test out a memory foam mattress to see if you like the feel of it.
We had one a couple years ago and I absolutely hated it. I sunk in to the mattress and it was hard to change positions etc. My dad swore by his and said we had a cheapie (although I didn't think it was that cheap) and it needed to be thicker. He let us use one of his extras and I have to say he was right. This is the best thing ever! I sleep like a baby and my husband's back pain is gone. I guess you just have to get the right kind (but I don't know what kind he got)
My next mattress will be a Select Comfort. The only time in my entire life where I DIDN'T have back pain or some sort of pressure point issue was in the five months I slept on an air mattress in a tiny apartment. It was little more than a pool float (plastic) so it was hot. But sleeping on air is awesome comfortable. When I can swing it, I'm getting a much nicer version of what I once had. And not the pilow top, either!
Been seeing commercials for the memory foam mattress with no box spring or anything and I am intrigued. We just got some new expensive mattresses two years ago and while they are comfortable, I think I would prefer the memory foam. My daughter is going to need a new bed, so I will probably go this way for her if the cost is not prohibitive.
There are a number of varieties out there and they differ wildly. Don't go for the bargains - in this case you will get what you pay for. The construction matters a lot - body heat retention, body impressions, etc. Do your research and a lot of it before making a decision. Read reviews on as many sites as you can to learn the difference, and to find out what people like/don't like about the mattresses. I just bought a new Serta traditional mattress but with a fairly thick eurotop on it and I love it. Kind of the best of both worlds. And it's lightweight and easy to move, to boot (I've read that the foam mattresses are very heavy and difficult to move). Good luck!
Hey Guys

Thanx so much for everyone's responses.

It made me realise it's not something I can make a snap decision about. Kept my wallet zipped on this occasion.

Happy snoozing.

Kim xoxo

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