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Hello, cathletes!

I wear a medical bracelet on my left arm because of a lymphedema risk.

Even though I buy the least expensive metals, the bracelet can be a bit $$ once you add in the cost of engraving. I've purchased bracelets from both AmericanID and StickyJewelry. I've gotten a men's bracelet that bothered my wrist and I've also had two regular stainless steel plain bracelet and I've tried a bracelet charm (that was the flimsiest one of all). I've also surfed a lot of other 'medical jewelry' websites.

However, the engraving never seems to last very long, becoming faded and smudged. Plus, the little red medical 'insignia' or 'shield' always seems to lose its color after a few months. I have to mention here I never remove the bracelet if I can help it. It's too difficult to get it on by myself and really, it's just easier to put it on and forget it. I reallize that must put extra wera-and-tear on it. I used to take the men's bracelet on and off though, but it didn't seem to help slow the fading of the letters engraved on it.

I'm looking for suggestions regarding protecting the engraving and the color of the red medical insignia. Also, I like a chunky, hefty weight bracelet and am not interested in pretty, delicate "lady-like" bracelets or necklaces. Any tips?

i'm glad you mentioned because i just noticed the words are unreadable on mine. i did have it for many years from James Avery.


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