May 10' Rotation

Cathe Friedrich

Hi Everyone! This month we are doing a random rotation that will completely confuse your muscles. Some workouts are long, some are short, some are heavy some are light, etc. Remember constant muscle confusion equals constant results. But exercise is only half the equation. If you want even better results eat a clean well balanced diet along with your daily workouts. Enjoy!

Week One:

Mon: Step Jump and Pump
Tues: Cardio Kicks
Wed: Rhythmic Step
Thurs: Pyramid Upper Body
Fri: Pyramid Lower Body
Sat: Step Blast
Sun: OFF

Week Two:

Mon: STS Meso 3 any Plyo Legs workout
Tues: KPC
Wed: Athletic Step Plus Ab Circuits Weights and Plates
Thurs: MMA Boxing
Fri: Muscle Endurance
Sat: Run 45 minutes steady state
Sun: Off

Week Three:

Mon: High Step Training Advanced
Tues: Indoor Cycle class or outdoor steady state bike ride 50 minutes
Wed: Low Impact Circuit
Thurs: HIIT Double Wave Pyramid
Fri: Supersets
Sat: MMA Fusion
Sun: OFF

Week Four:

Mon: 4DS Kickbox in its entirety
Tues: IMAX 3
Wed: Drill Max
Thurs: Steady State Run 45 minutes
Fri: Body Max 2
Sat: Low Max
Sun: OFF


Thanks for the rotation Cathe...It looks like another great one..I am going to start on Monday with it..

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