March 29 Lower Body Rotation


Okay Beverly, I guess I'll take your suggestion and get this thing going for today.

We went away this weekend so Friday was IMAX plus about 20 minutes of L&G.

Saturday and Sunday, no workouts and I ate lots of bad things. We had lots of fun. The little bit of alchohol I drank is really making me hold on to the water so I will be flushing out a lot today.

This morning was PLB and PUB (time for back and shoulders only). I'll be taking the dogs for an extra long walk tonight and thought maybe I'd try to run a bit too.

Hope you girls had a great weekend!
Hi Candi,

Glad you started the post today. I was beginning to feel like the post hog... :)

I had an okay weekend. A little low on energy, but feeling better today. Saturday was just a 5 mile run. I wanted to get L&G in, but needed to rest. Sunday I did Step Blast and L&G.

My eating was crappy this weekend.

I am think of adding in a little more leg work this week. Maybe L&G twice or maybe L&G and Leaner legs.
I read the post about doing L&G twice a week.

Tonight I plan on doing a run and PP upper body or SS upper body.

Have a great day ladies.

Oh yeah. I am eating better today.

I am off to do PUB, TS #$ cardio, and the ball work from PLB. My eating wasn't too bad, but could have been better. It is good today. Have a great day everyone.
Hi guys,

This morning I started with a 30 min jog, tonight Legs & Glutes.

Beverly, I am going to do legs & Glutes twice this week myself, I love this workout. My weekend as far as eating was somewhat okay, I have a glass of wine myself okay maybe two. But no chocolates now that’s a plus for me.

I decided to step back on the scale since we’re entering a new month, maybe I’ll step on Thursday or just may wait until Saturday. The weather here in Ohio was so beautiful today, it was in the 60’s. Yeah!! bring it on babe.

Me again......

I have question to ask you guys. What time of day do you guys workout, the reason I am asking. Because, I just finished my L&G workout, which I really enjoyed. However, I'd loveeee to be able to do my workout in the mornings, like I use too, 5 years ago. No matter what, I was up at 5am by 5:30 I was at the park doing a 4 or 5 mile run, or I was doing cardio in my home. The point is, my workouts was done for the day........I really really miss that.

But I'm finding it very hard to get back into that habit. I'd love to be able to get my a$$ out of bed and do a step workout or some other form of Cardio besides my treadmill.
Any suggestions how I can work myself back into a permanent morning routine?

I guess sometimes when I get off work, I want to do other things like visit family and friends. But, know.........I have to workout, crazy isn't it. I'd love to be able to do strength training in the early mornings, and call it a day.

I usually get up around 5:45 to prepare myself for my run. but can't seem to do nothing else, any suggestions? I'd appreciate any comments on this matter. Now for a hot bubble bath, ttys, thanks.

Hi Teddygirl,

I workout after work also. I get home about 3:30pm. I work a 6am to 3:30pm shift. I work out in the morning on the weekends and enjoy that a lot more.

I guess just setting your alarm and getting started would be the best way to start exercising in the morning. Your body will adjust after a little while.

I did a 6.2 mile run last night and SS upper body one set. I am still feeling tired.

I think the sluggishness is from stress. My dads throat and neck cancer is back, my husband is leaving for Iraq in May and my son has become a little aggressive at school (he is 11)..

Tonight is KPC or maybe L&G again.. I love that workout and want to try and do it 2 times this week.

We have a luncheon at work today. I am going to get a salad!!!!

Have a great day and workout!!! :7

I work out in the morning now because if I don't I find I can become very distracted with 'other' things to do when I get home from work. I've worked out both in the morning and after work but I like starting my day knowing that I've done my workout. I don't like the feeling of rushing home from work to workout. I guess that's what motivates me.

Beverly, sorry to hear about your Dad. I know how that feels. I lost my Dad in December after an extremely long bout of emphysema. He recovered from lung cancer a couple of years ago but did not stop smoking. I'm sort of glad my father finally passed because he was suffering terribly with his shortness of breath and his smoking addiction. It's very sad to witness someone suffer so. I'm also sorry to hear about your husband going to Iraq. How long will he be gone, do you know? And then, your son... All that is a lot to deal with. Just know you and your family will be fine in the long run. Life is testing you.

I did KP&C this morning for about 45 minutes, abs included.
Hi Ladies,

I had to take the weekend off as well. Didn't do so well with the eating either. But, I'm back in the saddle. This morning I did KPC. The rest of the week looks like this:

Wed: PUB, lunchtime run
Thurs: IMAX2
Fri: L&G, lunchtime run
Sat: Boot Camp

I am also very sorry to hear about your Dad, Beverly. It is so very difficult when your parent is sick. This past weekend was my father's funeral. We found out on Thursday March 18th that he had stomach cancer that had spread to his liver and kidneys. They told us he had about 2 months left, so we planned to go home this past weekend to say goodbye, but instead he died early last Tuesday morning (3/23). I am thankful that it went fast and he didn't suffer. I hope that your father can be made comfortable. It must be hard to have your husband leaving at this time. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Hang in there.

- Shopgirl :)
Oh my word, ShopGirl, and Beverly, I am so sorry. Please know that you will be in my thoughts and prayers. My parents are 60, and I still have both of them. I often think about how it will be when they are gone. I know it will make a huge void in my life.

Today I am doing Imax Extreme, cardio portions only. I love this workout. Have a good day everyone.
Thanks for the thoughts and prayers ladies. I really need it right now. I am just trying to cope with everything.

Shopgirl. I am so sorry about your dad. It is hard knowing my dad is in so much pain right now. He can barely eat because of the pain in his throat. His cancer has spread through his tongue and larnyx. My dad is just trying to decide on the most comfortable route for himself right now. It is all very sad. He is 60 years old and has also had a stroke a couple years ago. So, his whole left side is very numb.
My husband will be gone approximately 4 months. He has gone 2 other times, but I just feel like it will be harder this time.

Working out keeps me positive and optimistic as well as a coping method.

I still plan on L&G again tonight. Maybe KPC cardio conditioning also.

Thanks again ladies.


Beverly and Shopgirl, I am so sorry to here of this news. My prayers goes out to both of you. I lost my mother last year, Only thing I can say is this, stay prayerful and count your blessings each and everyday. God is good, and will get you both through this sorrowful time. ((((((((HUGHS)))))))))

Thank you for your suggestions. I’m going to really focus on morning workouts until it becomes a habit, that’s when I just wake up without a alarm clock every morning at the same time.

Tonight, Abs & Imax 2. Man oh man, how I love to do this workout. Have a wonderful evening all.

Beverly and shopgirl so sorry to hear. Yes Teddygirl, such good advice. I lost my father 15 years ago, 3 months after I split up with my ex (with a 1 and 3 year old at the time)somehow we get the strength to make it through. 3 years ago my best friend (b/f) passed away from cancer (base tounge) so I know what you speak of. Beverly you and your family are in my prayers.

Did L&G tonite. Love it. Crazy at work. Good extremely busy. I'm so having empty nest with my daughter leaving for college in August. Enjoying every minute of her senior year. Feeling very greatful for my kids.

Best to everyone.. this is a great group here. Seems like a very supportive group - glad to be a part of it.

Teddygirl - yep Imax 2 for me tomorrow too.

Well bedtime !

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