<--mangos and marley you know, fit me like a glove...


<--is so happy it's fried-day!!! :D
<--has had a tiring week
<--can.not.wait. for gator football tomorrow!!!
<--'s parents are coming into town on saturday
<--will be taking them to the sanctuary to see all<--'s babies
<--wishes everyone HAPPY FRIED-DAY!!!
<--- runs in yelling and whooping "YEEHAW, IT'S FRIDAY"!!!:D
<--- hasn't been around much lately
<--- misses y'all, but life has been getting in the way
<--- decided yesterday to do the Run for the Cure again this year
<--- 's SO is even going to run with <--- :eek:
<--- hopes y'all will send lots of fast running vibes on October 5th
<--- will add the link to <---'s donation page, just in case anyone wants to donate


<--- wants to go to the sanctuary with Lorie and meet all her babies!
<--- 's baby comes home from her dad's today
<--- can't WAIT!
<--- wonders what everyone is up to for the long weekend?
<--wonders if Lorie is excited about football :cool:
<--also wonders if her basement is dry now?
<--tells Shelley got the email and will certainly be making a donation ;)
<--will be getting a massage today
<--these are theraputic massages working on some long term lower back issues, but <--still enjoys them :)
<--then it's off to DSIL's birthday party
<--really isn't in to B-day party's for adults :rolleyes:
<--had a dream last night that <--'s teeth were falling out :confused::confused:
<--has had that dream many a time and always hates it
<--hopes you all have a great day!!
<---waves good morning to everyone
<---is doing the happy Friday dance
<---has been up since 3AM with stupid allergies
<---is absolutely miserable
<---does the gator arms in honor of Lorie
<---thinks Catherine's dream sounds terrible:(
<---is glad Sophie will be home with Shelley today
<---wonders what Shelley has planned for the weekend
<---hopes everyone has a great day
<--sends Beth a bottle of benadryl
<--thinks allergies have been terrible lately
<--hopes Beth can get in a nap later
<---sheepishly wanders into OAL land
<---has been in the dumps and couldn't even summon up the energy to crawl into the HH, much less join the arrow folk
<---thinks the sun is finally starting the shine again
<---would swear she was PMSing, if she wasn't post menopausal!
<---is home today, working the holiday weekend
<---is looking forward to listening to the PENN STATE game on the radio at work tomorrow
<---has to go do some homemaking chores
<--smiles and waves at the OAL
<--yells GO GATORS for Lorie
<--tells Shelley and her SO, "Go, go go!"
<--also says that race is on <--'s birthday
<--understands about Catherine's ideas on adult birthday parties
<--loves, loves, loves <--'s birthday, but only inflicts it on DH
<--hopes Beth feels better soon
<--is glad Robin is feeling somewhat better
<--hopes that trend continues for her
<--wishes all a good day!

<--Pops in for a quick hello
<--sends hugs to Robin and lots of happy dust.
<--Is also excited about college football starting tomorrow! Though Auburn won't be televised :(
<--Is glad Shelley's DD will be coming home today!!
<--Will send fast-running vibes to Shelley in October
<--Says that will be only three day's after <--'s newest DS's "birth"day!!
<--Hopes Catherine has sweeter dreams tonight.
<--Has heard that the teeth dream means something, but can't remember what...
<--Is sorry Beth is suffering with allergies!
<--Prescribes benadryl and a nap!
<--Waves to Anne!
<--Hopes everyone has a fun-filled three-day weekend!!!
<--will be nesting ;)
<--Sends hugs to all!
<---runs in and says, OMG Catherine! Has had several dreams like that were her teeth were loose and falling out!!!!
<---tells Steph if she remembers what it means, to let <--- know!
<---will be uber bored today at work
<---says YEAH Gator Football!!! for Lorie
<---is sorry Beth is so sneezy/stuffy :(
<---waves hi to Shell, Robin, and Anne
<---wonders what Ronne is up to today and are other AWOL OAL'ers :/

<---says it is raining cats and dogs over here :(
<--Pops back in after doing a bit of research.
<--Says the teeth dream was driving <-- crazy
<--Found this: "These dreams often occur at times of transition from one life stage to the next and can be a message that an important milestone is occurring and urging you to face the inevitable."
<--Asks Liann to please send some of the rain this way.
<--Is hoping Oliver's soccer practice is rained out tonight ;).
<--wonders what inevitable <--is supposed to face :confused:
<--maybe the inevitable win the lottery :eek:
<--waves wildly to Robin!!
<--also waves wildly to Ms Stephanie!!
<--is glad to know that <--isn't alone in her teeth falling out dreams:eek:
<--wonders what Anne is doing today?
<--must shower and get ready to go to massage land ahhhhhhh,....
<--is bored by work today
<--has plenty to do, but doesn't want to do it
<--is about to go to lunch with DH
<--has to renew driver's license after lunch
<--thinks this afternoon is the perfect time to do it
<--everyone leaves where <-- lives for holiday weekends
<--tells Catherine to enjoy that massage!
<--waves to Liann and Stephanie
<--hopes everyone has an uber good weekend!


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