Low Impact Circuit "Big Clip" is Now Up

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From what I can see and hear ..it looks like a GREAT WORKOUT! Do you think Windows 98 is just to outdated to play these right? With Drillmax even after playing it thru all the way and retrying it, it's like my computer can't "buffer" it right, and/or complete the buffering. Thanks for all the hard work...Peggy
RE: Low Impact Circuit

Awesome! The clip played first time through w/ only a tiny little hiccup at the very beginning. Can't wait to get this workout - it looks fab!! :D :D :D
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I know what you guys are up to! This is a sick and twisted psychological experiment of some sort! Seeing how much you can torture someone with anticipation before they absolutely go CRAZY!!!


Looks amazing. I am excited beyond words for these. Cathe and crew have truly outdone themselves, and thank you SNM for these amazing clips and all of the updates. I appreciate all of your hard work!

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Wow, this one looks like so much fun. As stated above, this is torture waiting for these. I surely am going crazy with excitement.
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You probably have two problems. Windows 98 is really outdated now and will hurt your performance. More importantly since your machine is running Windows 98 it is probably an older machine and your hardware is just able to handle the load.
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SNM...Thank-You for responding...this is what I thought...The clips are GREAT tho...!! Your hard work was worth it for sure....!! Peggy
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This workout looks like so much fun and I loved the music. Can't wait to preview the rest.
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All I can say is this looks AWESOME! This was the one I was most looking forward to and it looks like it will be a blast! Also, could be premature here, but I can really hear the music well on the clip! That's a good thing for me.

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Oh this buffered great for me the first time through! No hiccups for me on this one. There is a big improvement between the vid clip from Drill Max to Low Impact Circuit. With Drill Max I had to let the clip play all the way through to be able to understand it, but this one ROCKS!

Thanks for all your hard work!
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Wow, another great clip! This looks like a really excellent low impact workout.

I can't wait to try it out. :)
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Thank you so much,

For getting these clips out to us. I love this one! The music, and the workout looks fantastic. I can hardly wait to get this in my hot little hands.


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RE: Low Impact Circuit

Oh WOW!! This is the workout I was most looking forward to and you didn't disappoint. I love it--the workout, the music--everything! It has a huge fun factor. Oh, and the clip played beautifully. There was a little hiccup in the intro but the rest of it was perfect.
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Once downloaded to my hard drive the clip played beautifully from the end of the first cardio combo onwards. Before that point it was painful, but hey! Looks like another winner and I can't wait to try it out. Great music.

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I tried to play it but it just stuttered throughout the workout. I played it through once and then it played fine the second time but when I went back a little later it stuttered through all over again! It does look great but I wish I could watch it again and again!
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I am running it on a Mac w/ DSL and it worked perfectly with no pauses, hiccups, whatsoever. :) Love it!!
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It played perfect the first time. I am using a Compaq Presario laptop new in 2004. Don't quite know all the specs. Windows XP, and I have a newly wiped disk with Windows reinstalled, and no other browser windows open.

I have not been in a regular exercise schedule for a long time. This looks like a possible jumpstart for me. "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" remix is very energizing!

I am really smiling after viewing this clip!! Thank you, Cathe and Company!


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