LITE Project Update - Nov 12, 2018


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It's now been about three weeks since we finished filming the LITE series and we're making good progress on the post-production work on all of the videos. We finished final edits late last Friday for all of the LITE videos and sent the audio tracks out to a specialist to be optimized.

This week we will start on the authoring of the DVDs. We've already done a lot of the preliminary work for this phase, so we have a good jump start on this last phase. If you're not familiar with DVD authoring this is the phase where we turn the videos into DVDs with all of the chapters and premixes. Because of all the premixes in the LITE series, this will take some time to do. Proofing will also take some time as there are over 1000 items on every DVD that have to be checked and if we find one mistake, we have to start all over.

Lastly, we won't be able to make video clips of all the videos until we're completely done with all of our post-production work, but we should be able to start showing you the video covers and unveiling the LITE premixes by next week sometime. So, keep checking back for more details.

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I have to say, I am looking forward to the premixes. I just absolutely love and enjoy her premixes on her workouts. Just did ICE Mishmosh timesaver 31 minute premix today. It was perfect for the limited amount of time I had before having to get ready for work. She does such a great job putting them together. can't wait to see what she has in store for us on this new series.
Cathe is the BEST fitness professional out there!!! I can wait as much as I have to for her DVDs because they are so awesome - well, I do want those DVDs NOW!!! LOL!!!

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