leg press question


So I have butt and guts and also have legs and glutes which I have never done because I don't have a high step. I was looking it over again after KPC and wondered could I do it with my regular step and of course it wouldn't be as good as a high step. What do ya'll think? Or just skip it and do the rest of the workout. I love B&G but just wanted to mix it up a little :)



It's been awhile since I've done legs and glutes but if you don't have a high step, what about using a sturdy chair. I can't remember what exercises other than leg presses that she does but I would think that would work. HTH:D


Before I bought my high step I used a step stool that was about 12 or 14" high and it worked just fine for leg presses. For the leg sweeps in Legs and Glutes your regular step would be fine.

It's a fun workout and I'll have to pull it out again soon!!!


Calendar Girl

I don't have a hi step so I use a 5 gallon bucket with lid. I don't know this particular workout but I use it for 4 Day Split. You just have to watch because 5 gallon buckets can be a little tippy.


I don't recall what DVD cathe does this in ( I think it may be LIC) but she uses a band under her step(2 risers) to do the step up. I personally find this much harder, you really feel it in your "butt" if you keep low. I can't wait for these to be over as my heart rate always spikes and my butt and legs are usually on fire!!


Beefore I had a high step, I used an extra recycling bin turned upside down....I'm sure the city we live in didn't have that in mind when they handed them out, but they don't need to know that! :eek:

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