Leaner Legs won't work


I am so bummed. I had great plans Leaner Legs and it says it is not compatible with Workout Blender I downloaded it from Cathedownloads.com a couple of months ago.
I just tested all my other downloads, I have about 25-30 and they all work...just not Leaner Legs :(
Leaner Legs issue

This something we're aware of. There are 4 videos that currently will not work in the Workout Blender. These videos were encoded in MP4 instead of m4v because m4v was not working correctly on these files. We're are aware of this problem and we will see what we can do to fix it.

List of videos not compatible yet:

Cross Train Xpress Kickbox
Cross Train Xpress Leaner Legs
Cross Train Xpress Upper Body Split
Step N Motion 1
Should I keep checking here for updates? Will I have to repurchase Leaner Legs (I hope not).
Leaner Legs Bug

You will not have to repurchase, but this is a problem that we probably wont get to for a while. This is not really a bug with the Workout Blender, but instead with how this file was encoded. The older workouts were filmed and encoded to DVD with technology that was cutting edge at the time, but is now very outdated. What we need to do is to re-encode these workouts using different settings and or different methods. This is a trial and error process that just takes a lot of time to get just right so the quality does not suffer. We've listed this as a bug in the bug forum and when we have a solution we will reply to the same thread. You can always subscribe to the thread to get a notification or just keep checking back.
Low Impact Circuit will also not import

I downloaded the digital Low Impact Circuit. When I tried to import into Workout Manager, it gives me a message that says "this video format is not supported." I have imported Travel Fit and Ab Circuits - No Equipment (that I previously purchased and downloaded). Those two workouts import into the Workout Manager just fine. I downloaded the digital Low Impact Circuit a second time...thinking perhaps the file was corrupt...it still gives me the same message. It has an M4V format extension (as the other two), but it looks like it may be encoded differently.

Many Thanks. Lisa Sullivan
Hello Lisa,

I have verified the problem you are having and we will add the Low Impact Circuit to the list of videos we are investigating for encoding inconsistencies. We are hoping to address these issues with the final release of the Workout Blender. Thanks for your report, and sorry I don't have a better answer to the problem.
CTX weight workouts are some of the best workouts ever. It would be a dream come true if it were chaptered by exercise set. Cathe leaves ample time to insert chapters. On VF we often lament that this workout doesn't have chapters by exercise set. Maybe when you convert it to the new format you can do this. I would cross my fingers and toes for it. I used to use this workout to superset between body parts all the time but I had to do it the old fashion way.

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