Thanks guys! :) Here's my update from the other thread:

Well, I won, for whatever it's worth. The judge awarded me $500 plus an additional $500 for the interest that's accrued since I filed the suit.

Now, when I get the judgement in the mail I have to send it to the El Paso superior court for enforcement. We'll see what happens. The judge was very nice & he told me to expect trouble from them. He thinks they'll either counter-sue or ignore the judgement.

I must say it was one of the most nerve-wracking experiences of my life. Although you gotta love Newark--it's always an adventure!


He thinks they'll either counter-sue or
>ignore the judgement.

I am glad it went well, Laura. However, I think the jugde is wrong on that. They can't counter-sue, as long as they have been properly served with the papers, their time to address this was in this court proceeding!

They can't ignore the judgement either. I won a judgement many years ago and the other party didn't pay, so my lawyer went ahead and froze all of their business accounts (basically put a lien on it). So their bank was served with the judgement and had to pay out within (I thought it was 3 business days) but in the meantime they couldn't access any of their accounts.

Guess what, they paid the whole amount + my additional lawyer cost the VERY same day.

Good for you that you didn't back off!!! You go, girl!



Thanks Carola, that sounds like good news. I'm still not sure how this will play out--everyone thinks I should be thrilled but I suspect there will be more stress & cost down the road.

Also, if I have to fight to get my account credited, what about the interest in the meantime? Of course it'll continue to go up at $250 a month & they'll drag their feet as long as they can.

I think Janie is right. In this case anyway, even if I win I lose. :(

On a brighter note, it did feel good to win something in court, even if my opponent was mute & invisible.

Oh, & now I have Timber99 giving me some pro bono advice so hopefully I can be somewhat prepared. It's kind of scary going up against a company that probably has at least 100 lawyers on retainer.

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