Land mine workout


Hi Cathe,

I have watched a few workouts with a bar called land mine exercises, I experimented in my room by putting a tennis ball with a cut in it in the corner and inserted the weight bar with some weight on just a small plate to try and it was effective and fun! The angles and range of motion was pretty cool, I could use both hands or unilateral and add squats or lunges too with upper body or even kneel and just focus on upper body. I know they sell a little device you can anchor the bar into as well but the tennis ball in the corner worked for me. In Pure Strength you use a bar kind of in that style with a back row, if it is considered safe enough would you please consider a workout using a land mine bar?
Thank you and very excited to hear what you think on this,
Brigitte :)


I have a landmine attachment that sits in a weight plate on the floor. I have done Perfect 30 lower body and S&S PHA using the landmine for lower body moves. I'll try some other workouts out with it too but I just got it for Christmas and haven't had much time to play and see which routines work best with it instead of dumbbells.

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