Kickbox/Boxing series


After doing Hard Strikes I was thinking that it would be cool to have a series like this.

Someone else in this forum mentioned a step kickbox workout so that would to it nicely.

I was thinking about perhaps a full Heavy bag workout, then a cardio kickbox/boxing, then a pure kickbox/boxing with the kicking a punching combos.

Wouldn't need to be a long series but those could be some options. I'm really liking these because the combos really work the arms and legs.

Just a thought or another idea option :)


When Cathe first came out with kickbox workouts, I really didn't care for them (Cardio Kicks, in particular). I liked Powerstrike better. Since returning to Cathe workouts a couple months ago, I find that I really like her KB workouts more and more. My heartrate gets higher during them, as well. I would love to see her do an all low impact kickbox workout.

In short, I endorse all of your suggestions.


For some reason, I only enjoy Cathe's kickboxing. I do not like Ilaria's stuff - well - I like Atletica 1, 2 but not bodystrikes or powerstrike. I don't really dig Rapid Fire 2 either. I love KPC, Kickmax, 4DS Kickboxing, CTX kickboxing, Hardstrikes, Cardio kicks and her MMA boxing. I think I would enjoy a Cathe kickboxing series. I love Cathe.


I too would love a Cathe boxing/kick-boxing series. It could include some body-weight strength training too, to keep equipment at a minimum.

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