kgs vs lbs


I think I saw the answer to this but can´t find it again! In the 1RM workout manager the weight is figured in kilos. Although I realize that we are one of very few countries using lbs, it seems that the vast majority of us use weights in lbs and not kgs. I know the conversion, just want to know the reason behind this and is the manager offered in lbs?
You can use either lb's or kg's for every feature on our site. You do this by first clicking on your UserCP that you will see just above the "Post Reply" button near the top of every forum page on the left side. Then select "Edit Your Details" and scroll down until you see the dropdown selections for lb's or kg"s and mi's and km's. Just change these to your liking and all of the features on our site will use your preferences. So, there is no need for you to have to worry about converting anything.

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