Kettlebelling on Inauguration day!

Hi Deanie!

Last night I did the 1/16/09 workout from with noted substitutions for equipment and skill:
Obj: Work Capacity
Warm up: 10-minute Kettlebell Complex
1 minute each doing the following exercises. Don't put kettlebell down during entire time. Men use 16kg, Women, 8 kg.

  • 1-Arm Swing left hand
  • Figure 8
  • 1-Arm Swing right hand
  • Figure 8
  • 1-Arm clean and press left hand
  • Slasher-to-Halo
  • Lunge (hold KB in right hand. lunge forward and back with left leg)
  • 1-Arm clean and press right hand
  • Slasher-to-Halo
  • Lunge (hold KB in left hand. lunge forward and back with right leg)
(1) 10 Rounds for Time
50x Step up (16") with backpack (M-35#, W-25#)
5x Slasher-to-Halo (10x total, M-20kg, W-12kg) - leave backpack on
5x Push ups with backpack

(2) 5 Rounds
5x Kettlebell Floor Press (M-24kg, W-16kg) - 5x each side, 10x total - subbed 20# dumbbells
Rope Climb - I subbed 10X towel-ring rows
SAM - Shoulder Mobility Drill

(3) 3 Rounds
90-second Ab Bridge Complex
10x Dips - subbed chair dips

The step up/s2h/push up set was a grind - that alone took me 37:17. I thought the step ups would never end...the light at the end of the tunnel didn't really show up until round 9. I've never done weighted push ups before, and admit that mine, while on the toes, were pretty shallow. :eek:

Hello to everyone who follows! Have a great day. :)
Hi, all!

I'e got some backtracking to do. On Sunday I did Providence instead of Newport as I wanted more of a 'strength' based workout than a 'cardio' based workout (for me Newport is almost like a cardio workout).

Any suggestions for kettlebell workouts that are primarily strength training based?

Yesterday I did Cathe's 4-Day Split Cardio Power premix (4-DS Kickboxing and Bootcamp cardio sections) and the stability ball ab segment from Butts and Guts

This morning I did Newport. Yowza. Will rounds 4 and 8 ever get any easier??

Deanie - What workout you doin' today??

Gayle - okay, I got tired from simply reading about your workout! Great balls of fire - that sounded tough!!!

Hello to Jane, Marcy, Robin, Andilynn, Vilma and anybody else who checks in later today!!! :)
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Good Morning All!

I am so sore from yesterday's workout (Providence). I guess 25# really made a difference. My arms are really sore (especially my triceps). I also have slight bruises on my forearms. I've been using arm bands but I guess they're not cushioned enough.

I did CIA 9802 this morning -- A hi lo workout which turned out to be more lo than high. I also did Stretch Max #1 which I really needed.

I might attempt Santa Monica tomorrow. If not, I'll do Empire State.

Gayle - Great workout! I've done the KB complex. It's pretty good. I'm impressed with your training.

Pascal - I don't know if you have it, but Firepower is more strength-based to me. You're really scaring me about Round 8 - that's the one I skipped last time. I love Stability Ball abs from B&G.

Waves to Deanie, Robin, Andilynn, Vilma and all who follow!

Have a great day!

I think we need a "Newport Round 8 Support Group". :D:D

Pascal - Check out the archives at I know they've posted some strength focused KB WODs in the last month or two. I don't know about DVD workouts.
Good morning!

Cardio day today so I got in a little Turbo Jam for a change, I do enjoy them, they're more fun factor than serious workout maybe?

Gayle, Wow! now that sounds like a workout! I struggle with a normal pushup, I'm afraid to attempt a weighted one!

Marcy, I agree , using a heavier kettlebell really makes a difference, I'm slowly working my way up.

Oh yeah, can I sign up for the Newport support group!
Round 8 of Newport consists of pushups keeping one hand on the kettlebell and one hand on the ground, then you travel over the kettlebell and repeat on the other side. In between pushups you do dive bombers (or is it bomb divers - I know Anthony calls them one way and Cathe calls them the other). I think Round 8 of Newport is tough because:

-It is the last round, so you're body's pretty fatigued by that point.

-It is very 'core focused' and because Anthony adds a core segment to the end of every round, your abs are a bit fried by this point.

-Military pushups are fairly challenging as is, but when you add a travel aspect to them, they become tougher as I think it calls the core into action (and it tests your coordination and balance a bit).

I think I really need to work on my core strength as rounds 4 and 8 are the toughest for me and those two rounds are ab-focused. That's what I like about kettlebells - they point out your weaknesses and then you can focus on them and make 'em strong!
I need to join the Round 8 Support Group too. :D

Pascal - Thanks for the summary. Even though I haven't done round 8, the pushups sound very much like P90X and that exercise was always really hard for me. Round 4 wasn't so bad. My core is pretty strong under the layer of fat that I'm trying to get rid of.

Deanie - Were you able to do any pullups yesterday?

Good Afternoon

Rough morning this morning. The kids were off of school, but I wasn't:mad:(our nursery school was one of the few open today), so we all had to get ready and leave by 9. I miss timed it, and started my workout later than I should have, so I was playing catch up all morning (G-d forbid I miss my workout, or cut it short!!;))

Anyway, I did Newport today. For me the hardest rounds are round 4 with the punch matrix/plank and round 6 the squat and kick are okay, its the sots press- I can't do more than 3 on each side!!:eek: and I definitely don't squat as far down as he does in the sots press either!! I did all 5 min. with the snatch test. Killer workout-- I love it!!
Then I did my pullups, since I never got back down the basement to do them yesterday: 5 sets, 1 regular and the rest 1 negative. I do NOT like pull ups (probably because I can't do them!:p)
My wall mount pull up bar came today!!!! so hopefully, now I can do better pullups than on the swinging bar my DH rigged up!:) DH is off tomorrow, so hopefully he will put it up!

I will be doing Fire Power tomorrow. Not sure if I will do it one or two times thru...

Gayle~ I really like your creative workouts you find. I also used your tip on the hot potato and turned the kb so the handle was down, and it was much easier. Thanks.

Pascal~ I'm hoping round 4 will get easier too! I think from AOS Providence, Fire Power and Santa Monica are all strength based.

Marcy~ did you get the ETK workbook from AOS? have fun with Santa Monica, I will be trying it next week. I think I will be doing the pull ups on Tues/thurs/sat. I am to fried after a strength workout to do them and I don't want to do them before the strength workout so I have enough umph for the workout!:confused: so a cardio day works better for me.

Andilynn~ I'm glad you had a fun workout!

waves to Jane and Vilma!

Have a great day....

Good Afternoon!

Deanie - I agree - we can't miss our workouts. My DH knows not to bother me between 6 and 8 in the morning. I usually do my pullups before my workouts so I have the strength to do them. Afterward would be a waste of time for me. The Sots Press was tough for me too. I forget how many I did. I might have done more than 3 but not too many more and I definitely don't go as low as Tony. I hope your new pullup bar works well. It feels like someone punched me in the left tricep or like I just got a shot. My right one's not too bad. At this rate, I might just be doing yoga tomorrow instead.

Great work on the snatch test!:D Good luck with Firepower! I'm sure you'll like it. The rests (even the long rests) aren't as long as on Providence. They get longer as you go on because the rounds get longer. I didn't get the ETK workbook yet but I will before we start on Feb 2nd. I'm hoping he might have it on sale next week. If not, I'll be getting it anyway.

Waves to Jane!

Marcy~ Sorry about your tricep. I would take it easy, sounds like you may have pulled(?) something? I found the overhead tri work (whatever that exercise is called;)) is harder with the kettlebell. I would be up for doing Santa Monica with you on Fri. if you don't do it tomorrow.
Deanie - It's the crush curls. I'm impressed you're doing Firepower right after Newport. You must be a glutton for punishment!

Marcy~ Oh! I like the crush curls because you really do feel it! Newport is really hard when I do it (drenched!!), but I'm not sore or anything the day after. I am however, doing HIIT on Thursday....I anticipate being sore from Fire Power;)

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