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Any of our 2010 mommas still hanging around? I see there is next to no activity here, but thought I would check in to see if any of you are around - Winter, Lily, etc...?

Akadia is turning 1 in just a few weeks. I cannot believe it!!! Where has the year gone??? She is such a big girl now. Has 12 teeth and is walking everywhere. She's so tall, I have her in 3T clothes now and she's getting ready to move up to a size 5 in shoes! She needs to seriously slow down!

In sadder news, I was pregnant for a short while back in April/May with baby #2. Baby stopped growing after 6 weeks though and at 8 weeks they labeled it a missed miscarriage. It's been almost 4 weeks now since that and I'm still getting over it, but doing a lot better. We're hoping to try again for Baby #2 as soon as my cycles start up again.

Anyways, that's it for me. Hope you gals are all doing good!

Here's the latest from my gal:

Hi Amber!!

Akadia is adorable. What a sweetpea. Seems like yesterday you were telling us what you were going to name her!

I am sorry to hear about baby #2. I wish you the best going forward to give Akadia a little sibling.

Lainey is 5 1/2 months now. She is growing like a weed. She rolles over from her back to her stomach and now prefers to sleep on her stomach. Sleeping from 9-10 to 7-8 now. We are done with the night time feedings.

We are planning on taking her to Florida (I think if we can get the courage) next week over the 4th. I have no idea what to expect flying with a baby. Renting a car? A car seat? About all I know is that we can check a stoller. What about the formula? Can I bring a bottle with with 6 oz. Probably not. Powder it will be.

You also noticed that it is pretty quiet around here. I still try to read the posts. Very few people respond to posts if at all it seems.

Glad to hear from you. The picture attached was taken in May.

Good to hear from you!!


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Well I was not w/your group but I did follow along....
Your girl is so very cute! Sorry about the miscarriage, I understand as I had two back in 2009. Hang in there, it does get better with time.

Your little one is so cute also : ) Good luck w/traveling, I can't imagine. We went for a short beach trip when Evan was 2 months and it took a lot of planning.

Baby Evan is 3 1/2 months old now and also growing like a weed. He is 15 lbs and is so long that he only wears 6mo clothes. His toes in the sleep n play outfits are almost bunching already! We are down to one middle of the night feeding at this point.

This picture was last week, his first day of day care....he just woke up from napping.


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Hi All,
Yes I am still here but usually just lurk around. Really dont have much time to post so busy these days and just plain tired! LOL

Samantha will be 11 months on saturday. Your are so right the time is just flying by. Sam still doesnt sleep through the night. She gets up at least once a night. Once in awhile she will sleep through the night and then I begin to panic wondering if I just didnt hear her. She really is not crawling yet but she will roll all around to get where she wants to go. It's really funny to watch her. She uses her feet alot to get what she wants. She does feed herself. I give her cheerios, crackers, eggs, bread, rice, pasta, fruits, and things like that. She really does not like baby food but still loves her bottle.

Liann-Acadia is so BIG and beautiful and so on the go! We have the same baby pool you do! Sam loves it. Wow 12 teeth???? I'm sure she is munching away....Was she cranky while teething? Sam was/is REALLY cranky. I didnt experience this with my other 2 girls. I find that Humphreys helps. She has had a fever for 2 days now accompied by nothing else just crankiness and I'm wondering if it's her teeth. She has a k-9 tooth coming in. I also noticed that when we go to our pool club we are their for a good 5/6 hours but of course in the shade but she always has a fever a few days later. This is the second time this has happened. I wonder if it's just coincidental. I am so sorry to hear about your loss and wish you all the best trying!

Winter-Your baby girl is gorgeous. Too cute. I went away when my 2nd was 7 months. We went on a cruise but we had to fly first. It was great. I too did the powder. It wasnt too bad but kind of a pain to pack pampers wipes food bottles, etc. but well worth it. Good Luck!
Mel-I know about those sleep and play too funny! That has happened to my girls too. I just sometimes cut the footsie off and they seem pretty happy. 15lbs? He is pretty big and cute too.
Anyway ladies have a good day and enjoy your little ones!
Winter - I know you can carry breastmilk on the plane, but I'm not sure about formula. I flew across country with Akadia when she was 6 weeks old. Then we flew down to GA when she was about 5 months old. Both times I brought small coolers full of milk. They were always great about it at security. They just had to wave some wand over the bottles to make sure I wasn't carrying some kind of liquid explosive. I had cold packs in with the milk too and they never gave me a hard time about that at any airport I went out of (Harrisburg, Baltimore, Atlanta, Savannah, & Spokane). This time she is on toddler formula, so I will bring a few bottles with the formula measured out and then buy some water when I get through security.

Flying with Akadia was more difficult the second time - she was an angel at 6 weeks but wasn't too happy about the plane at 5 months. We are getting ready to fly with her again next month across country and I am absolutely dreading it. She hates to be confined and held for too long now. She just wants to get up and go. I'm terrified of her throwing fits. She can get really loud when she isn't happy about something.

Instead of bringing a stroller, I carried her in a carrier through the airport and checked her carseat. Any child related items like a car seat and stroller are usually free to check though, so you probably could bring both and check the carseat when you check in and then the stroller at the gate. I'm not sure what we are going to do this time. We might bring an umbrella stroller.

Lainey is ADORABLE!!! I love all her hair!!! Akadia's hair only recently started to take off. She was a little baldy for a while. ;)

Melanie - Evan is so cute!!! :)

Lily - Akadia doesn't sleep through the night either. She has been getting up for a bottle around 3 - 4 for forever now and just recently, she's started getting up at 6 wanting another one. I really don't like that new development! A few months ago, she actually slept through the night twice and I thought something was wrong too when I woke up and it was light out!

Akadia turns her nose up at almost all solid food. She was doing really good for a little while there starting to eat stuff, but then all of a sudden, she wouldn't have any of it. I can get her to eat a few pasta related dishes and some yogurt here and there, but the kid will not touch anything else. I have a bad feeling we are going to have a really picky eater on our hands. If you even come at her with a spoon, she starts blowing raspberries and acting like you are trying to poison her.

She did really good with her teeth actually. I've never really noticed her getting too cranky over them. I do think there have been a few nights where she slept bad and then the next day we noticed she was getting a few more teeth, so that may have been the reason. I think she had more problems with the first few that came through a while back. Now, she just kind of takes it in stride. I do wonder if her sore mouth is part of the reason why she doesn't want solid food though. She just had all 4 of her molars come in within 2 weeks, so I figure that has got to hurt!

It is so good to hear from all you ladies!!! :)
Mel - Even is a cutie pie! A little boy - so sweet. I wish I was up for having another because I would love a little boy. I am almost 39 and fresh memories of no sleep, depression and c section still loom.

Lainey was 15 lbs at her 4 month check up. She was feeding once a night at 4:00 am for awhile in her 4th month and then one night I just didn't get up to feed her right on the 5th month (I saw on the doctors that 5 months should sleep 10 hours straight with out eating) and it was the last time we got up. It was suprising easy for her to transition. I also started a tiny bit of rice cereal when she was close to 4 months. Didn't seem to make a difference in sleep since I gave it to her early in the day.

Wonderwoman - is Samantha your first? If so were you prepared for the lack of sleep? I was so not prepared. I didn't think it would be a big deal since I worked a lot when I was younger and partied etc. Guess the key word there was younger! Lainey was eating every 3 hours from start to start of next and it took 40-60 min to feed. She was one that screamed bloody murder for a bottle. Brutal!! Hope you are getting some rest!

Amber - Thanks for the flying info. I am a bit concerned for the exact same reasons you were/are. We have until today to decide. Mmmmm we will be flying from Minnesota to Miami. 2 flights - one about an hour to Minneapolis and then direct to Miami - then a 2 hour drive. Oh and I am a big baby when it comes to flying. I usually sedate myself some how and I have flown many, many times and I am still a HUGE baby.

My next biggest fear is daycare. I will go back to work mid August and the daycare Lainey will go to will have 10 kids. The lady has been doing it for 30+ years but I am still really stressed. I keep thinking after a week or so I will think nothing of it. Grrrrrrr.

Have a great weekend!!
Here's my baby Sam.
Winter- Sam is not my only child. I also have 2 other girls. I have been spoiled with my other 2 girls because they were both sleeping through the night early on. So I was like OMG what's going on here! LOL Samantha has been such a different baby she is calm and quiet. She is almost like an old soul. She is very special to me.


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Winter -- I am 37 and already feel like we need to start planning whether or not to plan for a 2nd. I would like two but we will have to have the second fairly quickly. Likely start trying after 9 months -- my ob/gyn said to wait 9 mo after my C/S. It will be a hard decision b/c I love the time I get to spend w/Evan and will feel guilty adding in another initially.

Daycare is going better. At first Evan would not eat and barely sleep. This is his 3rd week and he is getting the hang of it : ) Hang in there, it was hard to go back.

Sam is sooo cute Lilly! I want to pinch her little cheeks too. :) Well, Akadia turned 1 2 weeks ago. Can't believe I have a one year old now! And I also just found out that I have another baby in the making. I am very very early on and just got my positive on my pregnancy test, haven't been to the doctor yet. If this pregnancy makes it, I'll be due April 2nd.
Oh wow that is wonderful for news! I'm so happy for you congratulations!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing your news. Great Akadia is going to be a big sister. She is too cute. April 2nd??? Maybe you will have your new baby on my bday April 7... or not who wants to be overdue.
I think April/May is the best time to have a baby.

Thanks! Yeah sure goes fast. I cant believe Sam will be 1 on Monday. She is not walking yet but she sure does get around. She scoots, pushes back when sitting, and rolls everyhere when she wants to get around. she really doesnt crawl yet. SHe does get her PT and OP 4x a week for 30 minutes because of the seizures she was having but thank goodness she hasnt had a relap. But I still watch her CLOSELY.

Hope you are enjoying your summer!
Thanks ladies. Unfortunately, I've already lost this one too. It turned out to be a chemical pregnancy. Baby never "attached". My levels are already on the way down again. I'm starting to think there is just something wrong with me. :(
Oh no please don't think that. There is nothing wrong with you just look at A every time you think that. It just isnt time yet. When it's right it will happen you'll see;)

I had two miscarriages back to back. One was a set of twins, I lost one baby, then another. Then I got pregnant again and lost that one too:(

I am now, however, pregnant with my 4th.

Baby dust to you.
Sometimes I think that early m/cs or chemicals are more common than we think. Those of us who know exactly when we ovulated are probably testing earlier than someone who realizes her period is a week late, KWIM? I had lost 4 in a row and had all the testing done and nothing really came up. The only difference with this current pregnancy was that I was on baby aspirin - who knows if that helped anything or not. I took comfort in the fact that I was able to get pregnant and have a healthy baby once, so the odds were in my favor for it to happen again....eventually. I'm sure your time will come soon!

PS - Akadia is such a cutie pie, it's fun to watch her grow through her pictures!
Amber ---
So very sorry for your loss! I have been there and had two miscarriages (one single and one w/twins). I know it is so hard to go through.

Like Bethany, the doctors never found a reason for the losses. I also was on a baby aspirin and my last pregnancy stuck around. Just something to think about/discuss w/your OBGYN. There is no concrete medical research, but just seems to work for some women.

Thanks ladies. It's so sad how common they seem to be. Almost everyone I talk to has had at least one. One of my best friends had three in a row and it turned out to be a blood clotting disorder. She ended up taking blood thinners for her next one and had 2 healthy babies after that. I may give the baby aspirin a go next time we try just to try.

Bethany - I'm so excited for you!!! :)

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