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On last week's workouts, you had Strong & Sweaty Bootcamp, Pyramid Upper Body and Pyramid Lower Body back to back. The upper body was getting worked two days in a row with no rest period. Shouldn't there be at least a 24 hour rest period? I was afraid to to follow this schedule.


I think you can work 2 days in a row because boot camp is usually lighter weights followed by the strength workout the next day which uses heavier weights for upper body. Then lower the next day with heavier weights again. Hope this makes sense.


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Hi melagras,

The 48-hour rule is really meant for intense strength training routines with heavy weights where you're lifting 80%+ of your one-rep-max. In a bootcamp workout the weights used are far less than 80% of your one-rep-max and the training volume (sets x reps) isn't usually enough to cause enough muscle damage that would usually require a 48-hour rest. As with any form of exercise, the amount of rest recovery you will need between workouts will depend on the intensity of the workout and your level of fitness as well as your fitness goals. Just do a search on our cathe.com site and you can find tons of articles related to this subject.

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