July 2012 Rotation

Cathe Friedrich

Hi Everyone! Since so many of you have just received the new workouts, Cross Fire and To The Max, I decided to focus on them with this July rotation. Remember that Cross Fire and To The Max are mostly cardio based and the amount of weight work included in these workouts is not significant enough to interfere with your weigh training days. This is why you will many times see the new workouts scheduled the day before or the day after your weight training days.

With this in mind, remember that anytime you do a brand new workout or workout sequence, DOMS may very likely occur. Mild muscle soreness
is fine to workout on top of with either cardio or weights. In fact it can help break up tightness and speed up recovery. More intense DOMS should be given proper recovery time of at least 48 hours between weight workouts (light cardio is ok to do with DOMS). So if you are ultra sore during any point in this rotation you'll need to modify it to suit your needs. As your body gets acclimated to the rotation, you'll experience less soreness between workouts.

Good luck and remember that lots of water, excellent nutrition, and extra sleep improve your results!!!!

Go get'm!!!!


Mon...Cross Fire

Tues...LIS Trisets Upper Body Only Plus Ab Circuits Weights and Plates

Wed...Kick, Punch Crunch

Thurs...To The Max

Fri...LIS Trisets Lower Body Only Plus 30 minute steady state run

Sat...Cross Fire

Sun...Yoga Relax or Off


Mon...To The Max

Tues...High Reps

Wed...Imax 2

Thurs...Cross Fire

Fri...Muscle Max

Sat...To The Max

Sun...Yoga Relax or Off


Mon...Cross Fire

Tues...Gym Style Back, Biceps, Shoulders

Wed...STS Plyo Legs Plus Ab Circuits No Equipment

Thurs...To The Max

Fri...Gym Style Chest and Triceps

Sat...Cross Fire

Sun...Yoga Relax or Off


Mon...To The Max

Tues...Muscle Endurance

Wed...Hiit 40/20 Plus Ab Circuits Stability Ball

Thurs...Cross Fire

Fri...Kick Max

Sat...To The Max

Sun...Yoga Relax or Off
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Cathe-thank you for taking the time to make up this awesome rotation AFTER getting our DVD's to us in record time!! You rock :)


Thanks Cathe.. I love the new workouts. I couldn't wait to try them out and have already used them. Great job!!!


I was wondering the same thing. Did she mean LIS trisets? I don't have STS totaly body, so I don't know if this is a premix on it or not. As well as when she says plyo legs from sts. Is that from meso 3 or is that on the sts total body?:confused:

I thought the same about LIS. The STS Total Body premixes are just titled upper and lower body only and, of course, the LIS is Tri-Sets.

On some of her other rotations that featured Plyo Legs she would usually write Plyo Legs of choice from STS Meso 3.


Active Member
Does anyone know which STS plyo legs disk we should use for this Wednesday's rotation?
I have 4 disks to choose from.
Thank you in advance :)
Phew rotation

Thanks Cathe for making these rotations.

This is the second time I am attempting one of your rotations.

All I can say is Phew :):):).

Thanks for kicking my scale :):):)

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