Is this mainly for advanced exercisers?



Think I first posted this in the wrong place- in the Ask Cathe thread so here goes again!

I recently my journey back into fitness at 62yrs. Am during the 1st ICE rotation but have to constantly pause the cardio parts to just catch my breath! Are the road trips for advanced exercisers only or could a low intermediate "hide" in the back and follow along as best they can in the group classes? There is no list of classes planned and I don't want to be in over my head but also know that one challenges oneself harder when in a live class as opposed to working out at home.
Any thoughts?



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Hi bear2017, we've been doing road trips for a long time and we see a wide variety of fitness levels on every road trip. Everyone just does what "they" are capable of doing and there is no need to worry about not being fit enough or as fit as someone else. You'll have plenty of company and friends no matter what your fitness level is.


I responded in the other thread but I will respond here too.

I have been to a whole bunch of Road Trips (don't ask, lol), and although you will certainly see a lot of advanced exercisers there, there will also be Cathletes of all levels and many different abilities. I consider myself a high-intermediate/low advanced exerciser, and I just modify what I need to modify.

Also, Cathe will "read" the room and adjust her workouts accordingly. She will offer modifications as well. Plus she usually tones down the jumping and other high impact a bit on those hard hotel floors.

There are lots of us dealing with injuries and other limitations, so if you're considering going, you should go! It is a TON of fun and you will meet so many great people. That's why I keep coming back! Hope to meet you there!!


Hi Jody,

Good information! My problem is my lack of endurance, that's the scary part since most classes are an hour and I don't think there will be free weights so mainly aerobics and body/band resistance work.
But am seriously considering trying to get in since Cathe doesn't make it out to my area very often! Plus I have until May to work on it. But I have always been a fast twitch person and the longest distance I competed in was 200 yd dash as a kid lol!


Of course we can't know for sure until we get there, but Cathe often brings light weights (5 lbs), bands, and sometimes paper plates/dixie cups for leg work. There's usually a kickbox class, some upper body, some lower body. The Friday evening class is yoga/stretch. Sunday morning is often a bootcamp and/or mishmosh where everyone gets to choose their favorite move.

If you need to take a break, or stop early, there is always the option to do so. I often take breaks and walk around taking photos of everyone, which is a great way to catch my breath.

As I said, I think you should give it a try! There are lots of different fitness levels there.

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