iPod & iTunes question for those in-the-know


I have a friend who is having the same problem. I printed out Vee's instructions for her. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us. You amaze me with all you know and not only that being able to explain it in a way that's easy to understand. Thanks again Vee!! You're the best:)

Jacque....I did the same thing...printed off Vee's directions and it was PERFECTLY explained. Just a side note to you....I did at first try Anapod, but there was an issue with the actual download itself...it gave me an error message saying "error opening file for writing". So I'd suggest going directly for Yamipod program.



Hoping for some advice!

Resurrecting this because I have tried to follow the instructions and am having trouble.

Vee, please help!

Trying to move music from my ipod classic onto a new computer. I set up itunes on the new computer but of course only about 1/3 of my music went over =( It's all still on my ipod though, so I was looking for some sort of ipod ripper that can trusted not to screw up my computer, is free or cheap and is relatively easy to use (I'm not completely ignorant but defnitely not the most tech-savvy gal).

I downloaded and tried to run yamipod but get error messages saying my itunes version is too new =(

Then googled anapod and get this: http://www.redchairsoftware.com/anapod/ along with other sites offering it (like this one: http://www.softpedia.com/get/IPOD-TOOLS/Multimedia-IPOD-tools/Anapod-Explorer.shtml). I am so hesitant to download things from unknown sites and knowing that redchair doesn't offer the product anymore makes me nervous. And anyway, softpedia.com does not mention Ipod classic as compatible for anapod explorer 9.0.6 they offer.

Do you have any suggestions for other reputable products? The scariest thing about all of this for me is the ads on these sites for other things... one wrong click and I could be in virus hell, you know?

Thanks in advance if Vee (or anyone else) can help me!

Thanks so much

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