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i love on demand in general, but the iOS app is so glitchy. Logging in is a problem, the way the videos are arranged makes them hard to find, your “favorites” dump into one long horizontal line, workout manager doesn’t work, I will spare you more complaining.

That being said, once you press play, everything works fine. It’s just an organizational thing.

I hope that eventually the app will be updated. I no longer have a TV nor a laptop and I don’t foresee going back anytime soon, so it looks like the iOS app is what I’m stuck with for now. But thank you for giving me an option to work out despite my paired down technology! And thank you Cathe for being awesome! I have been working out with Cathe for 13 years now and I am comforted by the fact that, even in old age, there will inevitably be Cathe senior workouts to look forward to.

aqua girl

I think the app works great, have you tried using the search function when looking
For a particular workout fast? I tend to only use the workout blender section more than The dvds section, but when searching for one I want to do, I just put in one or two Words from the title, press the search function and there it is!


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Hi yogini72, the iOS app is pretty rock solid and we don't currently have any bugs, so I'm not sure why you're having issues. Are you perhaps using an older iPhone? The workouts on the main screen are organized in rows by workout series by default, but you can change this by selecting the magnifying glass and sorting by workout title, or length. You can also just type the name of the video you want to find. It's really very simple and fast.

The iOS does not have the Workout Manager. Did you perhaps mean the Workout Blender? If so this is also working just fine. If you're having an issue I would need more info to help you with this.

As for logging in this too shouldn't be a problem and you normally will only have to log in once when you first install the app. You will occasionally have to force close the app and then re-login, but this should only happen occasionally.

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