Intermittent Fasting ( IF)


I have now switched to a 5:2 schedule. I fast for 24 hours on Monday and Thursday. I have breakfast the morning of my fast day, then I don't eat again until breakfast 24 hours later. At first it seems difficult, but you get in the groove, and it's just part of your week. I love this. My cholesterol has dropped, all my lab results come back great. Highly recommend!


Hi, I would like to try IF but I have a question about fueling. I apologize if it was already addressed in the previous posts, but I'm not sure what to do? I work out first thing in the morning (8:00) and doing it later in the day is not an option. I would do the 16:8 IF schedule and don't really wish to change that. My question is, what about fueling my body after my weight workouts? Cardio workouts might not be a problem but the strength workouts, as I understand, need some form of protein fueling within a few minutes of finishing. Is it ok to provide fuel later? Can anyone shed some light on that for me? TIA!
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