Injured and soooo depressed


New Year's Eve and bad mood. I've been training for a half marathon the end of May and am being plagued by an ongoing injury. Three kids, turning 39 in January, husband lives 5 hrs. away for work .... this was the one goal I wanted some control over. I ran 6 miles yesterday and I'm icing my leg on and off all day. New Year's Eve and I already can't meet my goal. And DH is ticked - doesn't understand why this has me so upset and swears it's something he did.

Is the night over yet? I'm going to cry more before midnight.

I'm sorry you're having such a rough time. I know there is nothing anyone can do for you, but know that anyone who has worked toward a fitness goal only to be thwarted by injury understands how you're feeling.
I am sorry too. I have run for about 30 years and injuries are no fun at all!! I do feel your pain. But if you are injured now it does not mean you can't run a HM in May. I would suggest you take it easy in Jan and then begin training in Feb and you should be ready. You didn't say what your injury was? Husbands are not always understanding in this issue...:)..but you WILL get better!
Just popping in to say I feel your pain too! When I have been injured and unable to exercise it makes me so grumpy and the husband just doesn't get why. Rest up and start back in slow:).
I also feel your pain....on Dec. 20 I underwent a knee arthroscopy for a meniscus tear repair (luckily only a small tear) but still....I have been confined to walking since I'm hoping to do Basic Step...a few months ago I was doing Imax 2 and today I'm HOPING I can complete Basic Step!! :( So...injuries and recovery time definitely DO suck. and BTW....39? I just turned 44 so if you want to trade I'm all for it! :eek: Take care of yourself and you'll be back to training in no time (and me too hopefully!).
Thanks for sharing in the misery! I knew I could count on that here! Feeling more positive today and kind of making a plan. As far as the injury - I'm an overpronator and frequently end up with posterior tibial tendonitis. It starts a few inches above the ankle and radiates down into my arch. Partly my own fault. I was in PT for this 9 years ago, have the orthodics but don't usually keep my with my ankle strengthening.

I'm going to work on that, keep icing, and focus on Cathe cardio/cross training to keep my levels kind of up for the next month.

I don't wallow in misery and pity very often but there are times ... :)

I'm sorry aobut your injury, Jen :(.

I too have been sidelined with an injury. I was scheduled to do the Arizona Rock N' Roll Half Marathon in 2 weeks and was so looking forward to it, but I broke my ankle 4 weeks ago and have been out of commission ever since.

I'm so not used to having to "take it easy" and it's driving me bonkers! I am finally allowed to do cardio again, but only the bike and I miss running so much. I also miss my full body weight circuits, although I've been able to do upper body circuits at least.

Still, I'm climbing the walls. I keep counting down to my 6 week check-up, when I'll get a new set of x-rays and find out whether the bone healed 100%. Even then, I still can't get back to the full intensity of the workouts I used to do because my ligament tear may still be healing. It's all got me so frustrated because I worked so hard to improve my pace and stamina and now I've totally put a stop to the great momentum I had. After a few weeks off, I'll have to start several steps back again and work my way back to where I was before the injury. I'll be behind all of my running buddies, so it'll take me several weeks to catch up to them, and probably even longer before I can get back to the original trajectory I was on so I can get my new half marathon PR :(.
Thanks for the support, and hearing other stories helps keep it in perspective. I had shoulder surgery in March and managed to come back from that (mostly) so it's time to persevere!! I just picked up my basement so I have room for Cathe to hurt me tomorrow!

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