Initial Review of HIC


Positives: Once you get the choreography, it will be fun
Negatives: I cannot believe I am saying this, but I love difficult choreography and usually get it down on the FIRST try - no probs - but this one tripped me up several times. This one might take me more than once to get down . . .

I cannot give a really good overall impression bc I was tripped up on the cardio and it really shocked me! Usually that never I will post a difficulty rating after I do it again this week....

until next time....


I just did HIS over the weekend. It's still a tossup as to whether LIS or HIS is my favorite cardio of the series. HIS isn't too bad for the first two combos but I admit the third combo was tricky but not impossible. For me, being a choreo junkie, I'd rate the difficulty as a 7.5-8 although I'm sure some people around here would rate it more like a 9-10. I really liked the chest and back work from HIS and I think most likely this will be my favorite of the 4DS.



I usually need a few goes to get the choreography so I wasn't surprised to struggle with HIS, although I had fewer problems with LIS (although I did properly preview this one). However whilst it's not simple, I think a lot of the difficulty comes from not having it broken down (which I understand because the workout is short). It is difficult to watch and know what you are supposed to be doing and even hear and take in all the cueing in one go whilst doing the workout at the same time so I would be surprised if many people could get it first go. But once you can see the moves broken down they are not especially difficult moves in themselves I don't think - I would agree the third combo is the most tricky.

It will be great once I can do to be able to go straight into it without a lot of breakdown - lots of fun and worth the effort to get there.


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