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I've done very little exercise in the last month or two and am feeling very unfit! :( (IBS, fatigue, and stress have taken over lateley.) So... can anyone suggest a relatively easy rotation to get me back into the swing of things? I have all of Cathe's DVDs and just seem to look at them and can't decide what to do! I'd like to hit a bit of everthing, ie get my cardio fitness, endurance and strength up. I don't have the energy to work out 6 days a week right now. I've seen suggestions in the past of following a Cathe rotation and just adding extra rest days, but I don't want to because I don't feel that I would be covering everything each week.

Any suggestions to help me pick out a workout and actually do it rather than walking away again?? :)
Pick up some fun workouts that are not so daunting. Even workouts that are a bit "too easy" for you normally, so you can kick up the intensity and not have to bring it down (as you might with Cathe's workouts). Strange as it seems, Leslie Sansone helped get me out of a recent non-exercise rut. Her "Walk/Kick" and "Walk/Jog" are two, 30-minute workouts with good music that I used (and modified "up"--that's nice motivation!).

Have you ever used the Firm? They have workouts that combine cardio and weights, and the are fun as well. I'm really liking the BSS4 system.

I helped break my non-exercise rut by committing to an "every day in December" challenge. That didn't mean "a tough workout everyday," but SOME kind of workout every day. And I defined my "minimum" workout as either 10 minutes of cardio or stretching, or 3 sets of 20 resistance moves (squats, push-ups, ab work, etc.). At the beginning of the month (last week of classes and finals week), there were a lot of "minimal" workouts, but I got more and more into full workouts as I went on, and I ended up doing SOMETHING every day. (That "10-minute/3 sets" rule I imposed on myself MADE me get up and do something even on days when I was unmotivated to).
Thanks Kathryn for the advise and support. I don't have many non-Cathe workouts, but do have the beginner ones. I know that I can also make Cathe workouts easier (eg, lower step height or lighter weights). I think its the thought of doing a long workout that is making it tough face, so I'll go through what I have and see how I can shorten them. This is easier for cardio than for weights. Any ideas for a short weight workout?

Having just seen Cathe's post about her injury, I would be interested to know how Cathe will return to workouts after weeks off. Mind you, I expect her fitness level is such that she wouldn't lose very much. Also, she has the motivation of fitness being her career!

Kathyrn: could you tell me more about the 3 sets rule?
Shaz, how about using some of the premixes to shorten the routine. For example, IMAX2 step only, SJP step only. Look at your premixes. Do you have the Cathe Compendium that Lunacat put together? That will help you decide what to do and all you have to do is look at the paper and see the premixes and the times. If you don't have it, PM me your email address and I'll send it to you. This also goes for weight w/o's too.

You can get back!! We'll help!
Shaz, I am going through the exact same thing. I didn't work out at all the month of December and feel like I'm starting all over again. In fact, don't make the mistake that I did and try to do too much too soon. I attemped too much weight on Monday and haven't been able to work out for 3 days because my triceps are so sore that I haven't been able to bend my arms. All it did was set me back.
I have been doing the CTX series to get me back in the swing. The step routines are just the right length, but still give you a challenge. Just make sure that if you do the weight work at the end you do a light weight!;) I learned the hard way!

Good luck! You can do it! What I do is, after I'm done with a workout I just try to remind myself how good I feel.

Thanks Katie. I haven't done CTX in ages, I really like the format of cardio then weights and the variety in this series. I think I may even need to progress to that though, so perhaps in a few weeks...
I am also in a recovery phase from two varicose vein procedures on my right leg. I have not been able to do anything but walk for the last six months, for cardio. I have kept on with upper body and ab work. But anyway, I am finally to a point where I can do more 'vigorous' cardio with my leg so what I am doing is the Kick Punch Crunch (KPC) workout as I felt it was the least 'jarring' for my leg. I have pain if I do much jumping or a jarring activity like running, jumping rope, etc. I am having to modify even KPC at this point because after so much foot shuffling my leg starts to hurt so I have to stop the shuffling and do the moves from a static position...but at least I'm moving again!

I am wearing support hose for all exercising now as directed by my vein doctor.

I also agree that the CTX series would be great for working back into exercise after an injury/illness because the workouts are shorter. I will work up to doing the CTX series once I can get through KPC without having to modify.

Just slowly to avoid sore muscles/injury since you haven't been exercising regularly. My plan is to do KPC 3 times a week and I was supposed to do it yesterday but my hips were sore from the previous workout so I skipped it yesterday to give myself another day of rest and today I'm feeling 100% again so I'll do it today. And on the days you don't feel up to a regular workout go for a walk instead.

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