Important Daytona Road Trip Update - 9-12-17


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Hi Everyone! Now that Hurricane Irma has made her way through Florida I want to give you all an update on our Daytona Road Trip status. I’ll go into deeper explanation right after this but for now I want you all to know that we are working diligently on a new plan that is looking very positive for our Daytona Roadtrip and won’t require much of a change at all.

A few hours ago our hotel in Daytona posted an announcement on their website saying their hotel will not be able to re-open until April 2018 because of damage from hurricane Irma. We still have not heard anything to confirm this from the hotel management, but we do believe this to be true at this point in time from other people we have talked to.

Our current plans are to move the event to another nearby hotel that is very similar to DBR and is also located on the beach just a few blocks away from DBR. We've been talking with the other hotel for the last several hours and things are looking good at this point for making this happen, but it will probably take a day or two to finalize the agreement and for the hotel to make sure they can accommodate all of us. The manager of this hotel used to be the manager of DBR and knows our events very well and we have a good working relationship with him. Currently this is only a very strong possibility and not a done deal. We're also looking at several other options just in case this arrangement doesn't work out. But we hope to wrap this up either tomorrow or the next day. Stay tuned as you know we will update you ASAP. Rest assured we are on top of this as it is our hugest priority.

Thanks Everyone!


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