I'm so excited!


Just thought I'd post an advance warning to everyone I'm going to be meeting soon. I was in a nasty cycling accident back in May, where I landed on my face at 25 mph. Long story short, it took them 6.5 hours to piece my face back together again in the Emergency Room. I still look kind of freaky and can't really smile from where they stitched my upper lip back together. Even talking is a challenge. Please know that I am super excited to meet everyone, so don't be offended if I don't seem to react appropriately with my "Franken-face".

I thought I'd be further along with my recovery by now, but the stitches have not fully dissolved and I'm just having to be patient.

See you all soon!
Awww Mona!!!! <<<Hugs>>> to you along with major KUDOS on your progress, strength, and perseverance. I can't wait to meet you!
Aww Mona! Sorry about your accident :-(. Glad you are still able to attend. Can't wait to meet you!
Mona, thanks for sharing your story. I'm sorry you haven't fully healed yet. How did your accident happen? I started cycling a lot this past March and worry sometimes about that. I get a bit nervous because I always bike alone and sometimes wonder what would happen if I had an accident and was unable to call for help. :confused:
Mona, I'm so happy you are still coming. I had knee surgery in March and have had tons of problems since. Can't bend my knee and I'm always in pain but I too am still going:) Maybe Cathe can have a class for those of us with special issues!! LOL Can't wait to meet you. We're both going to have a ton of fun!! Mare
Soooo glad you decided to still come! Come say helloooo! I can't wait to see you! Falling off my bike is such a fear I have...I always think of losing all my teeth! :eek: Sounds like you've been thru a lot! Prayers for more healing!
Pedmom - Carry ID (and insurance card) or wear a Road ID. That was the one time in MONTHS I didn't wear my Road ID. Lesson learned.

Mare - I can't wait to meet you. I am sure Cathe will embrace us, scars and all!

Debbie - 1 broken tooth and 2 badly chipped ones that still need to be fixed. A mouth guard is very tempting right now.

On a high note, today I rode the route I had set out to do the day of the accident. Mission accomplished!
Pedmom - Carry ID (and insurance card) or wear a Road ID. That was the one time in MONTHS I didn't wear my Road ID. Lesson learned.

I always have my cell phone on me with my "ICE" contact. I never thought to bring my driver's license. Good idea.
ICE is a good idea, but remember if your phone has a locking key pad, like iphones, where you have to type in a pass code to access, no one will be able to pull up your ice number.
Terina said:
Look forward to meeting you Mona!!!! :)

Hi Mona. Well I either didn't get to meet you or the remnants of your accident aren't as bad as you think. If the former I'm sorry we didn't get a chance to meet. :)

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