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Has anyone ever used the iFit Google maps to draw a race route for a 5K?

I have never done a 5K before, and was toying with the idea but wanted to be able to train for it on my treadmill. My treadmill is 4 or 5 years old. I know I can hook a computer up to it and use iFit but it doesn't have a screen and is not wifi compatible.

I went to the iFit website and was able to draw the route of the 5K I was thinking of doing but I can't save the workout because it asked whether my treadmill had wifi or an LCD screen.

Anyone else use this feature with an older less pimped out treamill? If so, how did you do it?

Thanks in advance!


I have used mapmyrun.com. You can use a satellite hybrid map and see exactly where you will be going. Melissa


I have used mapmyrun to see my distance covered after a run.

I think the iFit maps is supposed to actually upload the course into your treadmill and it will automatically change your incline with the altitude change.

I just looked into it a little further and it looks like I would have to have an iFit membership and and special iFit wifi module in order to use it. The membership is $10/month and the module is $199 (or free if I sign a 1-yr membership contract).

I am not sure I want to pay this much money for one race not knowing whether I would continue to run races.

I know the course of the 5K I was thinking of doing and what I really wanted was a way to prepare for the hills (especially the one huge hill in the course!).

Any suggestions on how I could figure out what incline to set my treadmill too if I know the change in meters along the course?


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