I need your help!!!


Hi Cathe, please help me..

Saturday my friends and I went shopping and decided to stop for lunch at near restaurant with a patio. We sat outside on the patio beside a table of 4 guys. A few minutes later the umbrela near us tip over and nearly hit us. I was joking/laughing around with my friends and pretending that the umbrela hit me.. (I was wearing a tight tank top that showed my developed muscle arms). All of suddent one the guys commented "what's the matter honey, did you pull a muscle???"

I did not comment nor did my friends. We all pretended that we did not hear it. I had mixed emotions and did not even say anything to my friends. I think my friends thought that I was embarrased.

I am now worried that my arms are too developed (big for a woman). Cathe, I do not want to increase on side. However, I would just like to maintain the size and make it even more tighter. What would you suggest I change????

Somehow his comment really bother me!!!

Thanking you in advance!!!

Cathe Friedrich

Hi Mary Joe! Based on what you wrote, I'm not really sure if it is this man's comment that bothered you or if the actual size of your arms. Perhaps you have been feeling that your arms are more sizeable than you care for before this incident, and this comment validated it for you. I can't really tell you why he said what he said (could be anything from wanting to open the door for conversation to having a few too many drinks) but in any case you need to be happy and comfortable with how you look for no one else but yourself.

So assuming that YOU are currently not happy with your arm size, I would simply tell you to do either do less workouts per week for that particular area or do muscular endurance workouts for that area (ie: Power Hour) as opposed to hard core muscular strength workouts (ie: Slow and Heavy). There are other things you can try to but for now see how these work out for you. Good luck and remember: YOU LOOK GREAT!!!!


Cathe! Sorry, I'm not Mary Jo, as you can see, but I just wanted to say that you are sooo sweet. You always make everyone feel sooo good in your responses! It sure helps our self esteem to have others make you feel good. A BIG Thanks!

Your-Friend-In-Fitness, DebbieH http://www.plaudersmilies.de/wavey.gif If You Get The Choice To Sit It Out Or Dance...I Hope You DANCE!!!

Cathe Friedrich

Hi Debbie! Thanks so much! I'm SOOOO GLAD my response was received just as it was intended rather than coming of as a lecture of some sort. Its hard to convey the tone of a thought through words on a screen :)


I just thinking that maybe this guy was a little jealous perhaps, of your great looking, developed arms too???? Doesn't seem like such a comment was necessary...


Hi Cathe, thank you for your quick response.

I am proud of my arms because it has been work, commitment and a lot of sweat. Thanks to your tapes I have been able to reshape my arms. Having said that, I have recently noticed that both male and female have comment on my arms (mostly how muscular they look). Some comments are positive and some are quite rude. (the rude ones are from the men)

I will take your advise and start using Power Hour (which I love) for a couple of months and see.

Thank you so much!!!!




You just need to associate with a different group of men if they're making digs! Sounds like some guys have some self-esteem problems.

Cathe's response was right on (again).



I agree with the "find new friends" comment. Don't let the jerks get you down, and keep up with your weight training.


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Maryjoe, You can't please everyone; so all you need to worry about is pleasing yourself. Are you happy with the way your arms look? Who cares what some insensitive jealous men think. TO THINE OWN SELF BE TRUE!


MaryJo !!!
Be proud of your arms... I LUV TO SEE MUSCLE vs FAT..... ! He was more in likely JEALOUS you looked fit and he probably did NOT!... I LUV TO SHOW MY ARMS AND NECK SHOULDERS IN THE SUMMER... i feel good about how hard i work AND SO SHOULD U!!!

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