I hate cardio Sunday the 25th


I have been doing my cardio religiously but I something weird has been going on with the computer so I have not posted. Sorry. My brother keeps telling me my computer is old (it is two years old, he is an engineer and is soooo serious about these things). The bottom tray hasn't worked so my husband who gets nutty about these things tells us all "no computer, the sky is falling" Today I monkeyed around with it and it worked. Oh well, I guess it is an old computer. My brother bought the same computer last year and will be getting a new on in Jan and he is giving us his old one. It may be ancient but hey, it is a nice computer for free.

Okay so today I really am going to lose these 10 pounds. I remember Rhoda walking into Mary's apt telling her she needed to lose 10 pounds by that night. Love(d) the Mary Tyler Moore show.

Ah, gotta go, gotta do Leaner Legs and some cardio. I never really know what type of cardio til I get there. Which ones sickens me the least, I guess (all of them!).

Have a wonderful day!
KATE!!!! I missed you, darlin'!! I was getting nervous when both you and Dana disappeared for days. Thank God you're both back and now all is well with the world.

I'm proud of you for doing cardio. I have not done cardio but I'm starting over again Monday. Jeez, no wonder we all hate Mondays--it's the day on which we always start over again--lol!

My computer's been acting up lately, too. I don't remember when we bought it but it's fairly old. I don't see a new computer in our future anytime soon unless we have a crisis situation.

My SIL arrived yesterday from LA and will be here until the 4th or 5th (I still haven't gotten a straight answer on this one). I'm heading over to my in-laws in just a bit and then we're all going out to dinner this evening. I'll be popping in and out so don't be concerned if a day goes by and I don't post because I'll be busy with family.

I LOVED the MTM show!!

:* :* :* :* :* :* :* for ALL of you gals! I'll see you later.
Oh wow, Kate's back! I'm glad to hear it was just computer trouble. But ick. Computer trouble. You, too, Michele?

Well, this week is busy week and I'll be out of town a bunch, too. So don't worry if my knees did finally give out on me and I can't get myself to the computer...I'm just out of town. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the hotel will have an internet corner so I can check up on you guys to make sure you're doing your cardio! }(

I've decided that when I'm out of town, I'm just going to make smart food choices - not get all mathematical and plan everything out, and not lug around a giant cooler with me. It'll also be somewhat difficult to exercise, so I'm hailing this "Be kind to knees" week for me. It's been such a long time since I took a week off of exercise and menu obsessing (;-) ) I'm kind of nervous about it LOL. I might break down and do some cardio LOL.

Anyway, it's off to bed I go. I have my measurements tomorrow morning...then from next Monday it's Upper Body Bliss Rotation time!
Hi Everyone -

My parents just left - it was a okay visit. I feel like the majority of the time we spent sweating to death. They bought DH and I some patio furniture for our birthdays, and we put it together outside yesterday in the Houston heat and got about 20 misquito bites even though we were wearing OFF. Then this morning we did about 2 hours of gardening together and got so dirty and sweaty. But my yard looks nice.

I am really concerned about my mom though - she is obese and gaining more and more weight each time I see her. My sister and I have talked to her about it before, and she sometimes thinks she is eating healthy, but she really isn't and she eats enough food for 4 people. It is hard for me to watch. I'm not sure what else we can do. My grandmother is dying right now from issues caused by obesity, and my mom looks like her. It is sad.
My brain is fried chicken, eggs, and pickles and everything else possible. I think I am going to pull my hair out.

Anyway...so ok all you east coasters are not going to read this until tomorrow so I will just be short.

Did everyone have a good weekend? I do hope so.

Diane-my mom is the exact same way. She eats soooooo bad and is so large. I don't know what to do about it either she won't accept the fact she is very overweight and it is bad for her health.

What do you think?

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