I Hate Cardio - June 26



So I did Kickmax just now and I decided to do the 2nd blast this time. Not two blasts, but the 2nd blast. So I fast forward and I get to what I think is now the 2nd blast.

So I do the 2nd blast and I'm thinking, who is the masochist who told me that the 2nd blast is easier than the first?!

When all of a sudden Cathe says, "okay, just two more and that will complete 10 blasts!"

HUH?! :eek: :eek: :eek:

That means I've been doing like 5 blasts all this time?!

I am TOTALLY confused!! LMAO!!

And I'm also totally late.

Be good and do your cardio now!

P.S. Diane - have you told your mom how you're worried about her health? It sounds like you've talked with her about healthy eating, but maybe telling her that you love her and you need her to be around a long, long time for you and all the grandchildren that come her way? That you worry that she's going down the same road as her mother and that that really worries you?
Hi August -

I have mentioned to her that I am worried about her health, and about the grandkid issue. Even this weekend I said something like "How are you going to be able to run around with the grandkids" because she walks so unbelievably slow. I have even given her workout videos (Walk Away the Pounds - which she says she likes, but has only done one time each. She always gets some injury after attempting to workout, even just walking on the road). My sister and I were planning an "intervention" at one time, just sitting her down and really talking to her about it, and then my step-father got sick and we thought he had cancer (he didn't, he is fine now) so we had to put it off, and now my sister has moved out of state so I would have to do it myself. The doctor has told her she needs to do something, but she doesn't seem to realize how serious it is. And she has no clue what to do, even though I have talked to her about it and given her diet books. It is really so frustrating.

Anyway, today I woke up late and didn't workout. Not a great start to the week and 3 days in a row of not working out. I need to get back on this 6 a.m. thing, because that was really helping with my workouts. Alright, I have got to get to work!
Hi Girls!!

August--lol!! You're so funny! I think you need to sit down and watch that DVD from start to finish so you understand where one blast starts and another begins. But OMG!! You completed 10 blasts!! Good for you!!

Diane, I feel for you. I understand just what you're going through as my mon was obese most of her adult life. However, she worked into her mid 70's, then did volunteer work into her 80's, then passed away 3 days before her 90th birthday. She never obtained a driver's license so she walked everywhere she went. She was sharp as a tack up to the day she died. We did have to put her in a nursing home when she was about 87 as she became unsteady on her feet and kept falling down. We tried to get her help at home but she fired everyone--lol!--so we had to put her in an institution for her own safety. She was an Italian immigrant and lived on pasta, italian sausage, cheese---she LOVED to eat. We tried to talk to her about her weight but all it did was upset her. My point is this, your mom knows she is overweight and is likely completely aware of all the inherent problems, and talking to her about it isn't likely to yield results. Go ahead if you feel you must, but do it from love, like August suggested, then let go of it. I wouldn't harp on it because it won't do any good. Maybe you could get her an assortment of beginner level DVD's and put together a rotation so she knows exactly what to do everyday and won't have to put much thought into it. Or how about signing her up for a seniors aerobic class or even a yoga class. I wish you well in your outreach and I'll keep your mom in my prayers. HTH

OMG, I have to run--yikes, I have a busy day lined up. Diane, I haven't done cardio in a LOOOOOOONG time. and I really want to jump-start my rotation again today.

Kate, Janjan, Dana--you gals have a great day and I'll try to check back later. My SIL's DH arrives today and we have a lot on the agenda. TTFN

:* :* :*
I think I have done everything I can to help my mom - it is up to her now. I have given her about 5-6 very beginner dvds and made rotations for her that only required like 15-20 min a few times a week, and she didn't even do that. And she is really not all that busy either, retired but still working part time. But she acts like she doesn't have time. If I have the time working 60+ hrs a week, so does she.

She just doesn't truly understand what it will take her to lose weight. She considers a 5 min walk a workout, so therefore she gives herself license to eat whatever she wants. So she burns 30 calories and then eatings 2,000 extra. More importantly, she doesn't even think about what she eats at all. Like at brunch on Sunday, she got one meal, and then her and my step-dad split a plate of pancakes too. So she ate more than a meal a 1/2. AND she literally put 4 packets of butter on the pancakes!! And she drank a 12 pack of Coke (not diet) while she was there for ONE day. Sorry for all of the venting, it just really really bothers me every time I see her because she seems to gain weight each time. And And if she just ate like a normal person (not 12 cokes a day and not 4 packets of butter on everything), she would lose weight so easily. Anyway, I will shut up now.
People who are a generation above all of us were not exposed to all this exercise information. Watch some old television like Star Trek and notice that all of Kirk's (yuck) hot women are not very fit. Lucky us have been exposed over and over to the benefits of exericse and some of us take it seriously. And the benefits of cardio just go on and on and on........
My grandmother is 93 years old. She doesn't do too much these days but when she was in her 80's, she said to me (about what, I cannot recall) "Well, I just don't have the energy I had when I was in my 60's". Arrrrrrrrrrrr.
She is pretty funny, that woman. 12 years ago, she bought a Dachshund puppy. That dog ran in circles around her backyard. She was watching it one day and commented "Looks like a greased pig, doesn't it?" She said about her sister's Cocker Spaniel: "Reminds me of a flying squirrel"
Oh well, yesterday when I was warming up for leaner Legs, I tweaked my knee, ended up doing an hour of cardio and stretching etc. So today, I try Leaner Legs and some more seductive cardio.
Everyone have a great day.
Yesterday when I fixed the computer, all it consisted of was begging it to work for about 15 and it worked. I tried it on the ice maker of the refridgerator this morning and nothing. Oh well.
I am having a day today.....my DD is not working with me very well today at all and I am about to strangle my DH.

So I started the flylady yesterday with baby step #1, the whole shine the sink thing and well it worked out ok. We have a white sink that has scratches in it from the previous owners so I did the best I could. Well....then DH decides he is going to make breakfast, 30 mins later the kitchen was a mess again. Gee, thanks. Then I cleaned it again and by 8 PM last night (we did not cook dinner at home last night he went to his mom's I ate a Subway), anyway it was a mess again because he got hungry and made a frozen pizza with crums and cheese everywhere. Gee...thanks again. That is how my day went yesterday......

Ok so Diane I can relate big time. My Mom refuses to eat anything healthy and is really overweight. When DD was born I took her out for a walk with my mom and we were only gone for 10 mins, slow walk too and she complained she was tired and we had to turn around. I have never seen her eat a veggie and she is really overweight. I don't think my mom wants to loose weight and just accepts herself for being really fat. I can tell you because of her weight and eating she has no energy and that is why when she actually does come here to see the baby she does nothing. When we moved she was there and I swear she sat her big butt on the couch the whole time. I unpacked 30 boxes in one 1/2 day and put all the stuff away she sat on her butt and watched TV and sat infront of the baby. She is no help. It's not even worth having her around because all she does is get in the way. It's just my situation, but just be prepaired if your mom does not make some changes.

Anyway, I am done venting....

Sorry to vent. Hello everyone!

I will BBL to see what is going on.
{{{{{HUGS}}}}} for Diane and Janjan for their mom's worrisome weight issues, but please allow me to interject something into the mix here. I'm sure your mom's are fairly close to me in age (I'm 51) so don't underestimate the insomnia and fatigue, moodiness, weight gain, etc, that are associated with menopause in all it's phases. I'm post menopausal and I'm here to tell you, it can be rough. I have to work out so I don't GAIN weight, never mind losing any. It can seem like a losing battle and some women have more problems with it than others. I had a lot of problems and have come to accept that I'm never going to be as thin as I used to be. I'm never going to wear a size 4 again---probably not a size 6 either, but I am FIT. Again, my mom was obese, but still fairly fit in that she walked everywhere.

Janjan, unlike your mom, my mom played with her grandkids. I can remember her out in the backyard with my nephew, who was about 3 at the time, tossing balls for him to swing at with his bat. Maybe that's the difference between our mothers. My mom definitely didn't sit around, but she also had the appetite of a healthy man--lol! I mean, this woman could eat a pound of pasta by herself in one sitting!! Diane, I will agree that 12 cokes a day is over the top. I do think, though, that you both need to think more deeply about what all may be going on with your mothers. I'm not trying to make excuses for them, but it can be hard to motivate yourself to eat properly and exercise when you're run down from the effects of menopause and the mere act of smelling food causes you to gain weight. It can be truly overwhelming. I don't blame you gals for being concerned and I'm not giving your moms a pass, I'm just saying there could be more going on than meets the eye and it can be very difficult for them to overcome--but NOT impossible. Maybe they both need to start with a thorough checkup.

Kate, your grandma sounds like a hoot! Be careful with your knee, you crazed cardio maniac:7
Michele - Thanks for the advice. I know that food is a comfort for my mom, and that is part of the real underlying problem. I think one of the other problems with her portion control is that she grew up dirt poor and was punished if she didn't eat every single thing on her plate. Now days portion sizes at restaurants are more than 2 people should eat, but she still eats every last crumb on her plate no matter how big it is. However, there is a point where you can just stop eating, I mean, she has to have some self control. I just can't do anything about it anymore. She knows she is overweight, and she knows generally that she should eat better (though she is very confused on what constitutes exercise and what a healthy portion size is). It is just frustrating though. My mom is more active though, she did gardening with me this weekend, and she is the type of person that would help me unpack boxes if I asked her to. But she can't walk very far without getting winded and walks soooo very slowly it is unbelievable.

Anyway, on a totally different topic...Jana, do you know the scoop on the good hospitals in town to give birth? I am trying to find an OB/GYN and don't know which hospital I want to be affliated with. I am very particular about my doctors and don't like the person I went to last year. I need to get my yearly exam, and I might as well start looking for the person I will use for the pregnancy. I live right outside the loop on the west side of town - so a hospital within a reasonable distance of that would be best. I know Memorial Hermann in the medical center is probably the best?? There are other Memorial campuses closer to me, but I have no idea if they are good or not.
My Dr was the best Dr I have ever had in my life. He is a solo practice and give you wonderful one on one care and bends over backwards for you. I can't say enough wonderful things about him. He is in the Montrose area on 59 and Montrose Blvd by the Zoo and Medical center. He has delivered my BF's 2 babies, our other friend's baby (last year) and 2 more friends we have expecting this year. I had my DD at Methodist in the Medical Center. It was not a bad experience. My room was very big and most of the nurses were very sweet. My L & D nurse was so sweet and she just worked really hard to make sure I was ok. They are also very careful in the Mat ward, it is locked and visitors have to show ID and the babies wear sensor tags so they can't get past any door without setting it off. My friend was at St Lukes in the med center and she said it was a nightmare. My other friend was at Memorial city and the room was tiny and no security. I would never choose that hospital. I don't think Herman has a mat ward, a lot of hospitals don't for some reason. However, I am not sure on that one. A lot is just going to depend on where your Dr works out of. My Dr is also one of the head of staff for Methodist and if you are his pat they know and work to keep you and him happy. His staff is also so wonderful and sweet. I had a very hard preggo time, high risk baby so I was saw my Dr every week from about 10 weeks on. If you want his name and number PM me and I can give it to you. You can also try the Women's hospital and the OB/GYN's over there. I was there prior to my Dr, but it is a zoo there and I just like having a smaller practice better to go to. It's a stressful time and you worry a lot so it is better to have a Dr tell you "call me any time day or night" vs. "well I think we can see you sometime next year". I can also say, I did call my Dr several times day and night and it never took him more than 3 mins to call me back....sorry did I just go on and on there!

I can give you some names of other Dr's if you would like. Just PM me and I can get some info from some of my other friends. Some prefer female Dr's, but I just prefer a good Dr.

Ok, moving right along. Michele, I totally understand what you are saying and yes my Mom also uses it for comfort. You can be a overweight and ok if you exercise. The way I see it is this, I know when I eat bad I get tired and run down and cranky, so it does not make me want to do it. I also know when I get upset at DH the first thing I do is run to the fridge for something to comfort the madness......but again I won't feel good after I eat it, so I put my energy elsewhere. My mom will just eat and eat and eat all the wrong stuff and then make an attempt to exercise and then quit after 1 or 2 days. That is being lazy. It's about the decision made. I understand yes the body slows down as you get older and it is harder and harder to loose the lbs, but you still have to try and give it some effort. My mom gives it no effort and eats really bad all the time. When she left here the other week she had a flight to catch and she looked up on the internet a location to the kolache factory. I was cooking eggs and turkey bacon and she refused to eat it because it was healthy. Again, decision made....Ok I am done about her, she frustrates me every time I think about her.

Moving right along........where is everyone today???

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