I Hate Cardio - June 18


Good morning!

Well, I did my stretch and I wiped down my kitchen and bathroom, and also vacuumed! Woo! I'm also doing laundry...except that I realized I'd run out of detergent and only had a box of some promotional detergent - which is totally fine, I mean, detergent is detergent...except that AFTER I put it in and pushed start, I read the box and it said to put the powder in water first to liquify the blue crystals. :eek:

Hope nothin goes...bad. x(

I'm supposed to do my pushups today but I'm too sore from yesterday's MM! Love it }( !

Ahhhh, my place smells clean.

I guess it's time for a pancake. Yeah, I know, I reserve pancakes for cardio days, but what the heck.

Hey, Dana, I found a list of possible Cathe HIIT workouts on a different site and thought it might be useful for you, so I'm taking the liberty to copy and paste it here.

Imax 3 Blasts 1-6, or 4-10
Imax 2 Blasts 1-6 or 4-10
Bootcamp Cardio + Abs all 7 blasts
LowMax Blasts
HST Cardio Only
KPC High Intensity Drills
Kickmax Bootcamp Challenge

Hey, any of you guys heard about Physique Transformation?
By the way, Michele, I hope you got good sleep. I was so sleepy last night that I got in bed early,...and just as I was falling asleep, the phone rang and before I even said "hello" my friend goes, "Are you sleeping?"


Whacha gonna do? My friend's in town on business so I'll forgive :) (x( )

Anyway, then I totally couldn't fall asleep and I couldn't help but wonder if Michele hadn't slept well the night before. ;)
Good Morning -

I didn't get up at 6 am this morning, but just got up at 7:15, but I have a good excuse. DH got really sick last night, throwing up and with a fever so I had to take care of him. He must have gotten some kind of bug or food poisoning. I was up at 3 and 4 a.m. with him. So I thought waking up at 6 would be pretty stupid. Of course, because I started this habit, I woke up at 7 and couldn't go back to bed. I will be dead tonight. He is still sleeping, but it feels like his fever is gone so that is good.

Today's plan is Kickmax and coremax seg 1, but I have to wait until DH wakes up before doing it. He needs his rest.

Any big plans for Father's Day today? We are just meeting DH's parents for lunch on their side of town.

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