I Hate Cardio - June 17


Good morning!

Diane - Great for you for keeping your schedule to get up and get back into the swing of your exercise routine!

Kate - I've never done the Lotte Berk, but like Diane, I have the Bar Method, though I haven't done it in a while. I think I saw a bit of a raise in my butt when I was using it. But that's one of the workouts I got when I was just starting out my exercise thing, so from doing nothing to doing Bar Method may have been the reason for results ;) ...I wonder if it would be any different now...

Dana - I know, I would love to be able to love running. I just can't figure it out. And yet I want a treadmill. It's wacky. Don't stop writing out your menus (even if they seem like the same dang thing to you, hehe). They give me good ideas what to shoot for myself. I've still been hungry this week. Isn't balancing your meals and stuff supposed to take the hunger out of trying to lose fat? Are you hungry? That's great that you are officially going for the BFL challenge. Hell, if you're gonna be doing it anyway, you might as well be in a position to maybe win major cash, right?! I want to hear all the details so I can steal the good stuff ;) . But I definitely won't be stealing any HIIT stuff, because I would absolutely die if I had to do exercise without eating first thing in the morning. Anyway, don't worry about that scale, and I hope the cold gets better soon.

Michele - Uggg, family crap. Ain't it grand. Anyway, I'm sure your DN will have a blast being escorted by you two, so at least that's a great thing. Hang in there!

As for myself, I did Muscle Max for the first time today. Me and my DSC (darling stiff clips for the barbell, remember?) had a nice workout. Oh hey, I've been using the front grip for my squats and I seem to be getting a bit better with them.

Man, I hate squats. And lunges.

All right. I've got my chub readings on Monday but I'm not really feeling any different this week even on the new macronutrient split...just feel hungry. x(

Have a fun weekend! I've got my stretch tomorrow and that's it.
Good Morning -

I got up again early this morning on the first try, but really feeling it since I went to bed late last night and had a few glasses of wine at the wine tasting party. It is always hard to tell because you only get a few sips at a time, but 20 little sips must add up to a few glasses. But it was at DH's boss's house, so we had to be the last to leave and stayed pretty late.

I am going to be up late tonight again because of another work party, this time a tapas party. And we will have to stay late again because it is a group of our close friends at work throwing the party. I am going to be exhausted on Sunday and then go to sleep at like 6 pm for Monday.

Today I am doing C&W upper body premix (since I don't have CTX) and the BBM work out. My behind is still sore from the lunges yesterday so this should be interesting.

Today's flylady mission is to clean out the garage. It is really not that much to do, it is mostly a couple boxes we stuck in there that we didn't know what to do with and forgot about for 6 months. That should be fun.

Editted: I just read the posts from yesterday. Dana, I hope you are feeling better soon. Don't worry about not losing, sometimes you will not lose one week, and then the next week you might lose a lot. The body is strange and hard to predict. Michele - so sorry about your family issues. Sounds like people are taking advantage of your kindness.
Morning ladies. I feel like crap today. I"m extremely tired and my throat is killing me. Gannon thought we should get up at 6:30. URGH!!! It is already 8:30 and Gabe is still sleeping - wish I was. DH got up way early b/c he was already out of bed when I got up at 6:30. Can't say that I would want to jump out of bed before the sun comes up to work on a race car. But go figure?

Michele - sorry about your family's lack of planning. You are a saint for putting up with it. My DH's dad and step wife are like that. They want to do stuff with Gabe and then they never have a set plan, etc. Drives me nuts! Hopefully you can get some rest soon.

Diane - you sure have quite the parties coming up, eh? Sounds like fun to me. Now that I have kids I don't get to do that kind of fun stuff anymore - now it is playgrounds, parks and rated G movies. Way to go with staying on track with the getting up early plan. I don't know how you do it. I just talked to my mom and she is also cleaning the garage today!

August - I figured thought the same thing as you. Figured as long as I was doing BFL I might as well enter the challenge. I think today may be my cheat day. I had 2 pc high fiber toast w/pb and 2 pc of turkey sausage for breakfast. We are going to a wedding tonight so I doubt that I will be able to stay on track today. OK, I think that I will use today for my cheat day. I am behind on my exercise though. I have to make up 1 HIIT session and UB. And for the record, I don't do my HIIT on an empty stomach. I know that I could do it in the am but my elliptical is in the bedroom and we all sleep in there.(only have 1 a/c upstairs which is in our bedroom so we all have to sleep in there). I do my HIIT right before I eat lunch. I know that it is not the most effective time to do it but it is the most convenient for me time-wise.

Kate - I have Lotte Berk Method Fine Round Assets and I hate it. I've had it for several years know - don't know why I just don't sell it on e-bay.

My plans for today are scrubbing my floors and I would like to clean up our back patio in case I set up the pool. I did call one fire company yesterday inquiring and left a message. Hopefully I can find someone to fill the dang thing.

Have a great weekend ladies! :)
Dana-why don't you try trading the Lotte Berk on VideoFitness.com. I actually gave this one away to someone in Maine because I hated hated hated it. They wasted soooo much time talking about how wonderful Lotte Berk is and how nothing else works like Lotte Berk. Blah blah blah.
I am sorry you are beat today. I know how that is and it means you are to tired to do anything. I wish we didn't have to sleep or eat for that matter. Oh well.
August--you want a treadmill. Ugh, I guess you like to be punished.
Diane--you were out partying last night? Hmmm. Well, okay. I swear if I have one glass of wine these days, the next day is ruined for me. I have not had a drink since my class reunion eight years ago. I got pretty wasted on a couple of drinks too. Not like the days in college when I had too much tolerance. Oh dear. Thanks goodness I can't drink. You take care and watch DVD's all day.
Michele, you really gotta get those relatives into working out with you. I swear they will never visit you again. Wishing, wishing.
Have a good day all. Pure Strength and fun-filled cardio on the way. Ugh
Dana - Sorry you aren't feeling well still. I am thinking about selling some of my videos too. I have a ton I don't like at all that I need to sell, but then there are others that I like but I'm just not into that type of workout right now (yoga, pilates, the FIRM) but I don't want to sell in case I ever get an itch to do them again. I sold a bunch on amazon.com a long time ago and even though I only made about $30-40, at least it wasn't taking up space on my shelf. Also, any that you can't sell, donate them to non-profit and you can deduct it from your taxes and still get some money back, even if it is just a dollar or so per video.

Speaking of money, we took a bunch of coins to the coin star at the grociery store today and got $97!!! Can you believe that!! I thought maybe it would be 50 at most, but never thought it would be almost a 100.

Kate - Yeah, I am big party animal. Not really, there are just a lot of work parties during the summer to recruit law students that are working for us over the summer. We have to wine and dine them and throw big parties so that they actually will think it is FUN to work at our law firm, but once they get here, they will realize that it is not so fun, just long hours and lots of work. The summer associate that I am supervising this summer is really nice and I like her a lot, I hope she comes to work for us. She got to take a free trip to Spain over the summer on the company's dime to do some "work" there. I was so jealous. The summer associates get it all...then when you start work you are back at the bottom.

So we cleaned out the garage this morning - last thing we needed to declutter in our whole house. And we finished it all by 8 am!

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