I Hate Cardio - June 16th


Hi Everyone -

I actually got up this morning! If you read my post from the end of the day yesterday, I am trying to wake up at 6 am every morning (instead of 7:20ish after at least 1 hr hitting the snooze) so that I can get in my workouts. First day worked out, 29 days to go.

Today I am doing a 30 min run (probably more of a run walk since I let myself get a bit out of shape) and 300 lunges. I am just going to start over the Rock Bottoms rotations because I never really got that far.

Whats on tap for everyone today? Jana how is your knee doing?
Oh, I wish I could run. Too hippy, though. All the weight down their makes running look like walking......no, it just looks like the most miserable person on the path...but wait, isn't that what I look like whenever I do (or any of us) any form of cardio. Like I have said, I used to run but could never break the 60 minute miles. Runnng is really suffering. I admire you!
Today, for me is 60 of mins of whatever cardio I can bring myself to do, Lotte Berk Abs and a long stretch. Love the stretch, although usually by that time, I just wanna give up and kindof cut the stretch. Oh, well. Good intentions!!
That is all I have planned. It is going to be 100 degrees today. We have one of those above the ground pools and I am going to teach my younger daughter to swim. I hope I can do it. I am not much of a swimmer myself. Hope I can make it across a 20 foot pool. Wish me luck. WEll, I need more than luck. Oh boy
Everyone have a great day and double that cardio!
I finished my run this morning - 30 min with 2 one minute walking breaks in the middle. Not too bad. I should be able to get back to 30 min straight soon. I could only mangage 100 lunges though, whoever can do 300 is superhuman. Even though I woke up at 6 am, I was still 15 min late to work! What is that principle where you always do something in the time alloted? Well, I always am 15 min late, regardless of if I have 30 min in the morning or 3 hours.

Kate - I haven't done Lotte Berk in a while. I like the Bar Method too a while back.
I did Lotte and Bar Method for about six months and never saw a change. I need heavy weights. I have kept the abs though.
Yeah, on completing your morning run!
I actually saw a lot of change using Bar Method in my buns. But I think I see the same type of changes when I do floorwork consistently, which I usually don't. So hopefully doing floorwork a few times a week with the Rock Bottom rotation will do the trick.
I can't follow those rotations that Cathe puts up. One thing is that they are too short for a pear like myself to get a full workout.
Ah, the life of a pear. Hmmmm, maybe that will be the name of my autobiography. I gotta think of something better than that, I do.
I struggle to get in an hour a day, sometimes I only do 30 min. I'm a pear too. Maybe thats why I haven't seen many changes lately. How long do you work out a day?
Hi Kate & Diane. Looks like you two were lonely today, huh?

Diane - you should be proud of yourself, you kept downing yourself b/c you were missing workouts and thought you lost your endurances. Well look at you! You are pretty much where you left off and that is wonderful. I seriously am in awe of anyone who can run. Runners have awesome legs. I just cannot get into it being the cardio hater that I am.

Kate - we have one of those above ground pools too. I bought it last year and have yet to put it up. Poor Gabe keeps pestering me to put it up. I can't blame him though - I want it up too. It is only 3 feet deep but I've got to find someone to fill it up. We have well water so there is no way that I can fill it up. I did call one firestation and left a message. I hope that they call me back with good news. It is supposed to start getting hotter here.

Michele - when is your nephew leaving? I hope you two had a great time. What fun things did you end up doing?

Jan-Jan, I"m so glad that your mom is able to come and help you out. Maybe you two will get along better given the circumstances. Also glad that your MIL is doing better with her attacks.

August - what's up???? Nope, haven't tried cinnamon on my cottage cheese but I"m always open to suggestions. Same old food every day gets boring after a while.

I did not lose anything this week. I stepped on the scale first thing this morning and it was EXACTLY the same as it was last week. No loss, no gain (thank the good Lord for that). It bummed me out though b/c I'm working my butt off. Hopefully this Friday will show a loss. I have decided to enter the official BFL challenge. One can only hope to win $50,000. I"d probably die of a heart attack and wouldn't see one penny of the money. The official start date is June 26th so I"m getting ready to send that in and have the dreaded pictures taken.

I decided to take some food out to Gabe's coach. I was up til 10:00 last night making it and took it out after work today. Nobody was home so I left it on the back porch and then when I got home I called to leave a message. I hope that they enjoy it.

No workout for me today. I think Gannon gave me his cold. Woke up this morning with a scratchy through and I just feel totally drained. But I didn't get to bed until 11:00 last night and I could not sleep at all, then the alarm goes off at 4:30. I am so looking forward to a good night's sleep tonight. I hope that my boys sleep in tomorrow. 7:00 is sleeping in to me.

Have a great weekend all!
Hi girls!!

I'm sorry, I know I'm checking in really late but I've had the day from HELL!! It's a long story but it involves the fam damily (both mine and my DH's) and it's all very complicated. I don't mean to be mysterious and everyone is fine, it's just that they're all getting on my last nerve right now with their chronic indecision and the way they've all taken advantage of DH and I. And now it looks like DH and I will have to take DN home and that was never the plan. DH's parents were're supposed to meet DN's dad at a halfway point on Sunday. This was all planned in advance between them and DN's dad (their son) and I always thought it was a bad idea. Well now they're all worried about it and don't want to make the trip. AAARRRGGGHHH!!! I'm really upset about it. That's 2 weekends in a row now that DH and I will ultimately spend carting out nephew around and no one consulted with us before these plans were made. Ah well, rant over. There's no point in rehashing this all over again. I'm just so frustrated.

I hope you all had a better day than I did and I hope your weekend is fantastic. I probably won't be back on the boards until late Sunday or Monday morning. I'm spending the day with DN and my inlaws tomorrow and well, you know what I'm doing Sunday:-(

Sorry to be such an old witch...I'm sure I'll be in a much better frame of mind come Monday.

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