I Hate Cardio ~ June 15th


Morning ladies. I can't believe I beat August here. Maybe she got to bed at a decent hour? Or we are posting at the same time???

I only have a few minutes. Right now it is 5:20 and I've got to get upstairs and get dressed soon. I'm in slow-mo this morning. Working on my 2nd cup of coffee. Didn't sleep to well last night, was tossing and turning. Michele I think you sent your restlessness to me! :)

Anyway, today is HIIT which will be on the elliptical during lunch and then tonight I want to do abs since I didn't fully work them yesterday. Planning on doing abs from C&W, MIS and PH. I did a pretty good leg workout yesterday and I thought for sure that I would be sore today but I feel nothing. Probably tomorrow it will kick in. Everytime I do walking lunges, it creeps up on me the 2nd day.

August - what are you up to today? What yummy foods are on your menu today?

Diane - way to go with doing away with your housekeeper. I really, really need to get back into using flylady. I used to years ago, but quit. I HATE cleaning so of course I make up any type of excuse to get out of it. In this case, my excuse was too many e-mails. HA!

Jan-Jan, how is the knee today?

Michele - what are you and your nephew doing today? How's the back? I know how horrible it is to have back pain. One can only assume how bad it is but then once you experience it, you truly understand how unbearable it can be.

Kate - oh Kate, you cardio hatin' mama . . . why not get the kiddos involved in some cardio? That will get rid of some of their excess energy. Sometimes Gabe and I will set up relay races, obstacle courses, etc. Although he has an endless supply of energy and I"m the one who tires out and wants a nap.

If any of you care, here is my meal plan for today:
1: high-fiber english muffin (100 calories) w/1 tbsp pb, 3 turkey sausage links
2: 1 c. grapes, 1/2 c. ff cottage cheese
3: chicken breast, 1/2 c. brown rice, spinach/tomato/onion salad w/red wine vinagrette spray
4: Shake
5: turkey hot sausage w/peppers (no bun), small baked potato, some type of veggie
6: 1/2 c. ff cottage cheese, apple

Time to get ready for work. Have a great day everyone!
Get the kids into cardio with relay races, not a bad idea! Today we are having some of their friends over and they can go swimming for hours and then they can start fighting. My mother used to yell "Fight fight, fight you devils fight" That makes me laugh, she had three. I only have two. I had brothers and they used to hang my dolls thinking it was funny. Oh, brother. Summer. H-E-l-P!!!!
Jan Jan--when can you come over and do some kickboxing with me? Sounds like lots 'o' fun, doesn't it? I hope your knee is feeling better.
Oh, Michele, more relatives. Can't you get up in the middle of the night and do your cardio???
Well, my day consists of Leaner Legs and Imax 2. Maybe a long stretch. My goal this summer besides the usual is be more flexible. Oh, and to make it to 20 push-ups. Now, that I know one does not have to go nose to floor has made it so much easier!
Have a great day all!
Good morning haters!!

Dana, I'm sorry I passed my restlessness onto you. I was up late last night and posting at about 1 AM, then I had to get up early and take DH to work. Fortunately, I don't have to entertain DN today. He's with my inlaws for the day but I'll be taking him and my MIL to an aquarium tomorrow. Your meal plan souds devine!! I've never tried that spray salad dressing. Which is your favorite? I'm so impressed that you're doing abs from 3 different work outs--you go girl! As for Flylady, I haven't subscribed to her website but I did buy her book and I think that's all you really need.

Kate, I think you should definitely set up some sort of agility training course in your backyard for summer fun with the kiddos. I can see you now in all your klutzy glory, knocking everything over as you try to barrel your way through.:7 :7 :7

Janjan, what's your status today? Is that swelling going down any? Did they pump your joint up with gas? Sometimes that takes several days to dissipate. I hope you're back in fighting form soon ;) .

August, what's up for you today? Did you have a pancake!?!?!? Have you moved onto blast #2? I hate blasts:p ;(

Diane, did you squeeze a work out in last night? I think you should start a flybaby check-in. You could probably teach a course on the principles of the Flylady formula for domestic bliss. You have taken to the program like a fish to water:7

What happened to MJ? come back, MJ. We miss you.

I know I haven't mentioned my work out. I didn't do one yesterday and I'm so tired from my late night that I realistically won't get one in today either. My back is better but I've been taking a high dose of Ibuprofen around the clock for 2 days now. I'll do that for about a week and then hopefully my pain will have vanished. I'll check back later, girlies. Have a good one!!:)
Hi Everyone -

No workout this morning. Same excuses, I didn't get to bed. It was a very fun party last night though. Cajun themed with a zydeco band - I ususually don't like Cajun food, but the food was sooooo yummy (Jana - it was catered from Tony's, I didn't know they did Cajun food).

Dana - I love hearing your menu. Gives me some idea, especially for snacks which I always forget to bring to work. Sorry that you couldn't get good rest last night, hopefully you will get some today.

Michele - Hmm, flylady check-in. That would be good for me considering I didn't do my vacuuming yesterday because I was at that party. However, I am not behind, I will just do it tonight before mopping. By the way, we have a phone service like vonage from our cable service. I like it because we can talk to family out of town without even thinking about minutes. Just talk talk talk. The only thing I DON'T like about these cable phone systems is that when the power goes out, you can't use the phone I think. I think that is right - if the power goes out in our house, the phone line doesn't work, and therefore our alarm system for our house would not work in that the alarm company couldn't call in to check if we are alright. But I think the signal would still send to the company that the alarm went off. So if power goes out and cell phones don't work, we are basically screwed.
Ok well hi everyone. I had not had a good day at all today. So....I get up and feed DD and all that stuff. Told DH before he left for work I wanted to take a shower, wash the hair, etc and asked him to watch DD for me while I did this. Well, everything in our house is upstairs, just the kit, dining room, living rooms, and a bathroom are down stairs....so he brought up DD and her exersaucer. I get a whole 10 mins to take a shower, get up and dressed before he starts saying he needed to leave for work...ok well he takes DD down the stairs...wait let me give the details in order for me to get downstairs I have to put all my weight on my left leg and use the wall and railing to hop down the stairs. Well he is in such a hurry he forgets to take the exersaucer down the stairs so I am like ahhhh...fine I will take it down myself......BIG mistake. I ended up loosing my footing, fell down 4 stairs and landed right on the right leg. I was screaming in pain, it's not the knee, but the outer thigh muscle that I am sure I damaged. So, now the leg is very swollen and I am still in pain. Ok so I am over it. Have been icing the thing for quite some time now and keep waiting for it to feel better. Needless to say DH got a strong lashing today. All right enough about me....

How is everyone? Michele I see the back is feeling better, that is good. Now when does the cardio session start? Have you decided on what new DVD to get?
Diane, thanks for all the flylady stuff. I was in over my head reading it, but am going to piece it all together and put it all together slowly. My house is not as clean as I like it right now because I can't clean. Frustrating.
Dana, how is BFL going? Have you lost any more lbs?
August....oh where art thou?? hehe.....
Kate, I think the kiddos would love some kiddo cardio. That sounds like fun. You know when you are a kid you still like cardio.

Ok I have got to run and try to catch up on school crap. I am so far behind and just in a really pissy, bad mood.

Hope everyone has a good Thursday
Jana - Ouch! That sounds horrible! Go to the doctor if the swelling doesn't go down soon, you don't want to seriously mess up your knee. My DH would get quite a talking too.

Sorry to overwhelm you with flylady stuff since you are on the injured list these days. Here is a link for babysteps into the program to get started at a slower pace, instead of having everything thrown at you at once.


Flylady warns against doing too much too soon anyway because you just get overwhelmed and quit. So just start with shining the sink and go from there. Don't worry about doing everything the first day or the first week.

I followed the steps faster than suggested, but still only added a step or two a day. I didn't do every single thing on my routines the first day. I just started with shining the sink the first day, then added 2 min hot spots in the morning and night along with decluttering 15 min a day. Seriously use a timer, it is very motivating for me. And allow yourself to stop what you are doing when the timer dings.

Then I started a little control journal in pencil and just added a few more steps each day. I started making my bed each day and doing the swish and swipe in the bathroom. Then I moved on to figuring out when to schedule in the weekly home blessing, laundry, grocery day, errand day, etc. You will probably have a couple laundry days because you have more clothes to wash than me. Then I slowly added other things to the journal as I thought about them and it is still coming together. I am planning on putting all my favorite meals that I make in the journal with all the ingredients that I need so that menu planning will be easy. So still a work in progress and I will just keep adapting to fit my schedule.
Janjan, I sent you an email but I just want to tell you here, too. You need to call your doctor. Look, Diane thinks so too. Now do what we say or else!!

Diane, you're absolutely possessed--lol! I love it though. You're quite a motivating influence.;)
Sorry Michele and anyone that doesn't want to hear about flylady! I will shut up now. I have shared all I know and more.
x( this is me trying really hard to keep my mouth shut.
Diane, no need to shut up on my account. I love it!! I've been really motivated by you. It's fun to see someone have such great success that they want to share it. Please, by all means share all your fly tactics.;) :D
Jana I agree, call your doctor. We don't want anything happening to you. :)

I'm debating on whether or not I should take something out to Gabe's soccer coach. I don't know them very well but my heart aches for them. I was going to take out some BBQ (aka sloppy joe) w/buns, pasta salad, chips & choc chip cookies. I really don't know if they need any food but they have 4 small children and I'm sure that the last thing she wants to do is cook. I just don't want to intrude on them since I don't know them very well. What do you think?
Dana, I think that will be a lovely gesture. What kid doesn't love sloppy joe sandwiches and chocolate chip cookies? I think they will appreciate it more than you know. I'm sure the coach and his wife are depressed and low on energy and would welcome the meal.
Ok so I called the dr and they said to just watch the swelling and if it starts to get any bigger then to come in tonight or tomorrow. So far it is ok and the pain has gone away. I have been using the ice machine and it is ok. I think I thought it was worse than it really was because I was really angry at the time it happend and I think I was freaked out. It was an accident and I need to stop trying to do everything! I called my mom (my real mom and I don't get along to well, so that's why I don't talk about her much) and she left Chicago early to come and help out until Sat. My MIL has been here and well she is getting better taking Lexapro so the panic attacks have been better so it has helped. Enough about me.

Dana-I say yes bring her the food. It is such a sweet jester and I am sure they will really appreciate the act of kindness. Remember it's the little stuff in life that makes a big difference. Yes, it is a hard time, but it is also good to know there are people out there who really care.

Michele- Is the back getting better? Has DH looked it over again and given the thumbs up? Keep me updated.

Diane~ you are motivating me beyond belief and helping me to get a little more organized. I am sure others are also happy to read about the fly lady. I don't want to subscribe due to junk mail, my account already gets so much, so you have helped me with that. Much appreciated!

Ok I have got to run again

Janjan, I'm so relieved that your mom is coming. You know, I didn't get along all that well with my mom either and she drove me crazy, but I'm sure your mom loves you and wants to be there. You have way too much on your plate and I worry for and about you.

I'm glad your MIL is taking Lexapro. It sounded like she needed something. I hope she improves...QUICKLY.

My back is feeling a little better but I've been taking a high dose of Ibuprofen around the clock. My DH believes the problem is osteoarthritis;( .
Hey guys,

I'm rushing out the door (gawd, it's raining so hard right now), but I wanted to drop by and say hi to everyone. I have major DOMS from PLB - man, that workout is fun!

Janjan, holy crap - that is really awful about your fall. Good to hear some help is on its way. And really good to hear about your MIL.

Hey, I've got a clean kitchen thanks to you, Diane, don't stop!!

Dana, have you sprinkled some cinnamon in your cottage cheese/fruit thing? It's a nice little change if you ever feel inspired!

Kate, we're routing you to 20 pushups, woo hoo! Speaking of which, I've got to do mine today.

Michele, glad to hear your back is a bit better!

Did I miss anyone? Agh, I'm running late. I'll be back with a vengeance later!

I've got KPC coming up. And yes, mah pancake woo hoo!
Dana - I think that would be a great gesture.

Jana - I'm glad you called the doctor. I hope that your knee is okay.

I have got to start doing my pushups. I didn't even start really!

But I have a new focus now. I can only really focus on one thing at a time or else my brain gets too full. It took almost a month but I am now officially in the habit of cleaning my house regularly. So my next habit building mission is ....to wake up earlier in the morning! I truly believe this is the main reason I don't work out most days (I am just too tired and hungry when I get home from work). So for 1 month I will focus all of my energy on waking up at 6 am each morning and not snoozing for 1 1/2 hrs a day (seriously! DH does this, I am on the other side of the bed oblivious to the world).

Here is a website I randomly found - I wasn't even looking up stuff about sleeping, but someone else mentioned another article on this website and I saw this article. And it was exactly what I needed.


Here is part II to the article


This may be helpful to you Michele (and Dana maybe, you said you couldn't sleep) who sometimes cannot get a good nights rest.

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